Friday, July 31, 2009

News + I need some HELP ^_^

Hi guys! I just noticed that many bloggers are celebrating their anniversaries here in our "little" blogging world lately so I checked my account when did I started blogging..and guess what, it was August 2008! It will be August 1, 2009 tomorrow lol! So it looks like it has already been a year since I started blogging and I didn't even felt it haha. Time really flies so fast when you're enjoying ^_^

Thank you for all my readers who keep inspiring me (through your comments and subscriptions) to continue blogging. I would have stopped a long time ago if I haven't read any of your comments. Those sweet thoughts really pushed me to post and post hehe. And I feel so important because you are posting a comment about my thoughts. Again, thank you so much for the support! I hope we will still continue to "see" and "talk" with each other here in Blogger. ^_^

Oh by the way, this excited me so much! haha I already have 50 subscribers! woohoo! I know it is not much compared to others who are reaching hundreds or thousands but I really treasure each and every one of those people who personally chose to subscribe to me and read all my post. And it is good that I reached this number the day I turned 1! So thank you guys! You don't know how happy I feel whenever I see an addition to my subscription list hehe. God bless! ^_^
Hi! I need help in looking for a Korean-inspired cover-up that looks similar to this:
I've been looking around Multiply and the stores in the mall but either they are too expensive (Php1,00 up) or I don't like how it felt, the color or the style. If you know any store or seller online that has something similar to this, please leave me a comment here. Or if you are a seller, please include the link for the item you are selling. Thank you so much! 

My qualifications:
- will fit small frame
- must be made of thin/lightweight materials (eg. cotton or tightly-knitted)
- length must reach mid thigh
- can either be long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves
- on-hand and pre-order is okay
- BUDGET: less than Php 800 if possible
- color: gray, black, any dark colors or neutral colors


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Face Shop Haul

Good morning guys! It's such a great morning coz it's sunny! yehey! I really love cool but sunny days. I hate rainy season coz it's so gloomy. Anyways, I hauled a little yesterday from The Face Shop. I'm pretty sure you have seen their posters about their clean face line (for acne prone skin) whenever you pass by their stores. Well, I was unable to stop myself from dropping by yesterday and I ended up buying their Acne Solution Foam Cleanser (since I need a cleanser in a tube..I think it's more hygienic) and nail polish remover in bubblegum.

Here's my haul picture :)

The Clean Face White - Acne Solution Foam Cleanser. I have only tried it 2x (last night and this morning). Here's my initial review:

- it comes in a tube that is very easy to squeeze..I can control the amount of product to be dispensed
- price is affordable - Php645 for a 150ml tube
- scent is mild..I like it :)
- not harsh on the skin and nose even if I had used a lot of product
- lathers very well so it is easy for me to massage my whole face..actually, I have not spent this long in washing my face feels great!
- has a whitening effect so I'm hoping it can help with evening my skintone too

- makes my skin squeeky clean

Tip: Use a very small amount (pea size) only.

I think I need a good moisturizer to counteract the too clean feel hehe I don't really like to have dry skin in the future coz it will make my skin prone to wrinkles. Any suggestions? I think my Celeteque moisturizer is too light for a night moisturizer :)

I also bought a nail polish remover. I don't like using acetone anymore coz it's so drying and easy to evaporate haha..this cost P95 for a 100ml bottle. I think it is a good buy considering you only need a small amount for removing nail polishes and it also conditions your nails at the same time. And the bubblegum scent comes in a blue color solution..and I love blue haha :)
And since I bought an item from their Clean Face White line, I got a free mirror..It's so cute! I'm just sad coz I got a defective one, it has a scratch on the rim but I did not exchanged it anymore coz it's a freebie anyway haha and the mirror itself is not damaged so I guess it's okay :)
I'll post a feedback once I've used this for a month already..i hope I can see a difference. I'm breaking out on my forehead lately. I'm not sure if it's due to lack of sleep, stress, pollution (from travelling via jeepneys) or because I'm nearing my monthly visit. Anyways, I'm still crossing my fingers ^_^
Till next time! Bye :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Date Makeup

Hi guys! First, I want to update you all that I have many time to blog already..yipee! Why? coz my training is finished now haha :)

Because I have been so stressed and tired these past months, the idea of having a new refreshed look enticed me so I had a haircut yesterday (check out my post about it here) with my sister..then today, I went out for a date with O ("O" is my nickname for my bf..short for Oscar haha). We went to the mall, watched a movie (Harry Potter) and dined in a Japanese restaurant (Tempura) then we went to his place to play with his very cute niece (who is also my goddaughter hehe) :)

Here's how I looked today..I tried keeping it very simple but still I just applied a purple eyeshadow all over my lid and use a warm neutral shade to contour. I also placed purple liner over my black eyeliner to give my eyes a pop of color..perfect for dates during daytime or even for school :)


- Skin 79 Super+ BB cream (hot pink)
- Aromaleigh URFP in Peaches and Cream
- Lumiere blush in Ditto O


- Mary Kay Signature concealer in Ivory

- MAC Paintpot in Painterly

- Coastal Scents 88 original/matte e/s pallete

- Clarins pencil eyeliner in purple

- Ellana MPM in Ethereal

- Estee Lauder black mascara

And for my lips, I chose to use a very pretty nude color..This is my current favorite among all the lipsticks I is very non drying and already has some shine so I don't need to put lipgloss on top anymore :)

Here's some picture with O and Tatiana :)

Can this pass as a family picture? haha I think Tanya is too fair for bf is tanned (he loves getting a tan while playing tennis) while I'm naturally fair (because of my Chinese bloodline) but I don't think I can produce a child as fair as her haha..Tanya is half Russian so she looks like a foreigner :) (for more pictures of us, check them out here)

Thanks for dropping by! Till next time :)

My new hair cut

I had a new haircut! I did not had it cut very short this time..I like to look girly and young haha..anyways, I had it cut in Piandre Salon (Trinoma Branch) by Gabby (FYI, he's a straight guy). He's very good and precise and he taught me how to properly dry my hair with the use of an electric fan instead of a blow dryer too..I fell in love with my hair after I saw the result coz I just told him I want to keep the length but I want some added volume and style plus I want to sport bangs. And this is the result! Very pretty noh? I've been eyeing this hairstyle for months but now is the only time I had the courage to really do it haha..I'll definitely coming back to him for my next haircut :)
I'm really loving my Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner coz my hair is so soft and easy to manage now..Even without blowdrying my hair still looks like this (check my next post for pictures) :)

Oh by the way, my mom bought me a pair of black cotton pants from EssenXia. They're very comfortable to wear. The fit and length is perfect for my shape so I really love wearing it :)

Here's a close-up on the details :)

Till next time! Bye! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel Pre-Order

Hi guys! One GirlTalker, Claudia, has a pre-order for Laneige products and she's selling them way cheaper than the store here in the Philippines. What caught my eyes is the promo for the famous Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. She's going to sell them for Php800 only (it retails at Php1,250 locally)! The catch? you need to buy 5 pieces. So I'm looking for 3 more persons/orders to join me so that we can avail of this promo. If you like to get some other products from Laneige or from other Korean brands, you can do so. Just leave her a message in her online shop (pickmeuponline). Just leave me a message in my comment area before July 29 with your name and email address so I can contact you. Thank you guys! :)

Deadline for her pre-order is July 30, 2009 so we need to pay before that. Expected time of arrival is on August 25-30, 2009. Hope to hear from you! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi guys!

I just want to share with you guys the gift of my brother. He asked his friend who is coming here in Manila from Japan to buy me Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner since I've been asking him about it (Are they good quality products? Do they work great? How much are these in Japan? etc) laately. I've been hearing good reviews on them and I really wanted to try. And then he surprised me last week that I'll be getting one! I was really happy at that time but I was so surprised and ecstatic that he got me 2 sets for free! I'm really lucky to have a very generous brother haha :)

I can't take a clear shot of these babies so I got a picture from the net :)

Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo

What i like about it
- comes in a very pretty and big packaging
- smells really good but not overpowering
- not that thick in consistensy so it is not hard to rinse off
- easy to lather on hair

What I don't like about it
- not that moisturizing if I use it alone
- the lather doesn't stay long so I don't feel that cleansed afterwards

Over-all Rating: 4/5 - If only it will create more bubbles, I will give this 5 hehe..but since more lather = more SLS, then i guess this is better right? :)

Will I buy this again? If I finished these 2 bottles of shampoo and I still like it, then I will get another one.

Shiseido Tsubaki Conditioner

What I like about it
- comes in a very big and pretty packaging
- smells so good and clean
- it lessened the frizziness of my hair
- keeps my hair soft and smooth for 24 hours
- makes my hair a little straighter than usual (air dried)
- my hair feels light and non-greasy
- I did not experience any hair fall (unlike when I use pantene and creamsilk)

What I don't like about it
- it is not available in any Shiseido stores locally

Over-all Rating: 5/5

Will I buy this again? Yes! I think I found my HG conditioner in this baby yay! :)

Till next time bye!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A little tip to the new PRC license holders

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend :)

This post will be short..I just came back from my night duty (arrg I hate being in the night shift) and I wanted to check my blog for updates from my fellow bloggers before I sleep hehe..Anyways, I just remembered one thing and I wanted to share this with all of you so that you or someone you know will not do the same mistake I did..Here it goes:

If you are a fresh gradute or soon to graduate from a course who is required to take licensure board examination (nurses, architects, dentists, etc), then you'll be having your own PRC License ID sooner than later..I know you are excited to have one but you must also be aware of what you need to accomplish together with it. I'm talking about paying your is our tax as a professional that we need to pay as soon as we get our license. I wanted to share this with you coz when I graduated before and passed the local board examination, no one told me what to do. Then 1 1/2 years after (at present) I got my PRC ID, a hospital required it so when I went to the city hall to get one I was so shocked that my tax has accumulated already that it reached almost Php1,000! The original amount to pay is only Php300/year and must be paid every January. So mine is accumulated penalties coz I got my license last 2007 and I just paid 2 weeks ago..can you imagine how big the difference is in the amount? I really hoped that someone I know had told me to settle my PTR immediately so that I won't need to waste my money on the penalties..I could have bought a nice blush with it haha :)

I hope this advise can help you or someone you know. Till next time. Bye! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: Freshlook Colorblends - Green

Hi guys! How's your weekend? I hope everything went well :)

Ayways, I spent my weekend with my grandparents..Everything went well except 2 things..First, when I woke up that morning (Saturday), my glasses were already twisted..I think someone accidentally stepped on it the night before but no one was talking..the sad thing is, I was not able to find my old glasses that morning and I need to go out so I opened my new Freshlook Dailies Contact lenses in Green Colorblends. Here's what I look with them has been so long since I last wore a tinted contacts..What do you think? :)

Here's my take on these contact lenses :)
- very comfortable to wear
- since it is disposable, it is very hygienic
- I think it looks natural on me..I'm not sure though on what others think hehe :)
- size is just enough unlike with circle lenses that makes your eyes look a lot bigger
- more expensive than extended wear contact lenses
- the tinted part disturbs my vision frequently during the vision blurs whenever the contacts moves
- it can't be worn for a very long time 
When I got home, I prepared to remove the contact lenses. When I was trying to remove the lens on my right eye, it won't budge. I tried so many ways upto the point that I wanted to pinch it. Then I thought that it got dry so I put some contact lens solution on both my eyes to lubricate it. Luckily, it worked a little and I was able to remove my contact lens but I tore it in the process because of the force I used. My eyes got so irritated and red that I worried my cornea was scratched. This is the first time I encountered this problem with contact lenses. Was it because its dailies? Does that mean extended wear lenses are safer? Anyways, I'm just happy that I found my old eye glasses so I don't need to wear my other pair of contacts anytime soon..
Has any of you experienced this? It was really scary coz I thought I'm going to go blind or I need to be brought in the hospital that night... I'm so thankful that I can still see clearly..

Till next time. Bye!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perky blogger award

I got an award from Mitch! Thank you so much for the sweet words :)

"Grab this award on my blog by leaving a comment on this post, a smiley face will do hehe. Please make a post of this award on your blog then link the person who gave this award to you. Also, you must pass this award on to bloggers you choose."

I'm passing this award to.......EVERYONE who reads my blog..The reason is that I'm very grateful to all of you..coz without your time and comments, I don't think I'll be able to continue blogging happily..I really feel that I'm just sharing my thoughts with thank you so much guys! :)

Final Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream + Update

Hi guys! I'm so happy I was able to find some time to post! It has been a long time since my last sorry..there are so many things that happened and I can't sit for too long too make a post...and I don't have many FOTDs too coz my mom always have our digicam hehe :)

I also got busy doing our case presentation (our final requirement) last week. I was not able to sleep for 2 or 3 days! This is because my training schedules overlapped. My training in BGH ended last July 7 (graduation not happened last July9) and my training at CMC started last July 6 haha. So I attended my first day in CMC then I spent the whole night doing our case study and absented myself on Tuesday to attend my case pres at BGH then came back to CMC again the following day. I chose not to attend my graduation at BGH coz I can't risk my training at CMC. Anyways, it has been a very hard week for me because of this mix up and also because my family is getting sick one by one because of the change of weather. Their allergic rhinitis is acting up until now, and I'm so lucky I don't have it. I hope every one gets better soon.

Anyways, as promised here's my final review for Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #23:

Initial review

This is my 4th brand of BB cream. I tried this for at least a month to check if my skin likes it or's my final verdict for this product :)

What I like about it:
- has SPF 42 Pa+++
- great coverage: gives me a very smooth, flawless finish need for foundation on top
- the shade adjusts to my natural skin tone after a few minutes so it looks natural
- has some anti aging and whitening properties
- more affordable than BRTC and Skin79
- has good oil control

What I don't like:
- a little hard to spread because of the thick consistency (I tend to use more product because of this)
- makes my skin looks grayish after 4-5 hours (and it's very obvious!)
- it made me breakout 3x! Whenever I use it for 3 days straight, I get many small bumps on my face

Will I purchase this again? Probably not. I love my skin so even if it provides me great coverage and gives me a flawless finish, I don't want to risk having congested skin again. I'll look for another BB cream that might work for my sensitive skin.


I saw a post about the new travel set of Sigma Makeup..Although I'm not a fan of pink, I liked this brush set so much...It has all the essential brushes (in my opinion) that I need..and it comes in a pretty pouch too! so my brushes will be kept safe during the travel. I got this picture from the net, it compares the size of each brush to a full size Sigma SS187. Isn't it cute? Small but complete :)

I really want to buy it but the reviews for these brushes (all their brushes actually) are so seems like they don't have quality control or something coz some gets yay! and some gets boo! And for the price + shipping, I don't think I want to risk it..What if I get the not so good quality set? My hard earned money will just go to waste..don't you think? So guys, if any of you have this set, please do tell me if this is worth it or not..or if there's a better alternative for this travel set available locally..Thank you! :)

Till next time! Thank you for dropping by! :)