Monday, January 5, 2009

My Christmas in 2008

Hi guys! As promised, I will make my official first post of the year 2009 to be about my here goes :)

I celebrated my Christmas Eve with my family at Tito George's house (my dad's best friend who lives a few houses from our place)..this is a first for us..we usually celebrate our Christmas with my great-grandmother in our province, but since she already passed away last year (January 10, 2008), we decided to just stay here in Manila..then on December 25th, Christmas Day, my mom's family had a reunion on my Tito Rich's house in's a shot of me with their cute puppy.
I have a huge zit on my right cheek..yah I know, it sucks to have a huge acne during the holidays when everyone are taking pictures...anyways, this acne is due to those late nights and oily foods during the holidays hehe :)

One of the most unexpected gift I got last Christmas is from my sister..I did not expect to get any from I was quite shocked when she gave me a package full of my "to buy" stuff..thank you Mei! actually, I love the note she placed on my gift better haha

It's so sweet right? Now I don't need to buy the White Chocolate HD powder and buffer brush...I'll give a separate review on the buffer brush next time...I'm still testing it out :)

And since I was so excited to try my brushes, I cleaned my new and old brushes on Christmas Eve!

Here's how I dry them..this method cuts the drying time i half..especially for my kabuki brush..

I hang the thick brushes in front of the fan so that instead of a whole day, they will dry saves time and keeps the water from seeping into the ferrule of the brushes..preventing shedding.
Thanx Aileen of Shades of Hue for giving me this idea :)

I also attended a Reunion Christmas party with my high school are some shots with my best buddies :)



musicalfanlovesminerals said...

nice goodies! the ellana powder brush is new right? i'm so addicted to face brushes that i want to buy it! but i'm stopping myself.

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi! yep, it is has the same quality of hair as the buffer too! I'm addicted to brushes..but I'm more into eye brushes..I want to get the new eyeshadow brushes of is for crease and the other for contouring hehe :)