Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review: Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette (+ swatches for Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette)

Welcome back! 😄

As I was checking through my Sephora app for new releases (like usual, window shopping is real  hehe), I noticed that the Kat Von D Saint & Sinner eyeshadow palette is now back on stock! I was actually sad that I won't be able to review this because no one can get it anymore. So this news is great because when Kat Von D says limited edition, once it's out, it is out forever.  

This is my first ever first ever high end palette here in Canada. I have contemplated for so long before I picked it up because (1) it is so expensive & (2) I'm not sure I can get a lot of use out of it. I was actually encouraged to get it by the Youtubers that I respect the opinions of when it comes to quality of products. Jen of JenLuvsReviews, Liv of Livloveshermakeup & Jkissa all raved about the good quality of these eyeshadows & the ingredients so it really made me want to but it more. I convinced myself that with the 20% off from the VIB sale, it would be worth it LOL 😂 


Made in Canada  -  Net Wt. 24 x 1g (0.04 oz)

I really liked the packaging. It is not practical but is really gorgeous. It is said that Kat Von D designed this herself. It is shaped like a cathedral and the shade arrangements reflects the colors of stained glasses in churches. The palette is divided into 2- the SAINT side which is the more natural, everyday colors & the SINNER which consists of more vibrant and fun colors. This has a mixture of mattes, shimmers and toppers. 

Look how vibrant the swatches are! These are all finger swatches without any eyeshadow primer. To be honest, I am really attracted to the Sinner side more because I just love colors so much! 


- Cruelty free & Vegan. This means this product don't have any carmine (pigments from bugs) in it which is very rare in the cosmetic industry. If I can get a product without killing any kind of creature then that's the best way to go.

- Very pigmented & consistent. I have tried a lot of eyeshadows that swatches beautifully but doesn't translate to your eyelids, and I am glad to say Kat Von D shadows not only applies smoothly on the lid with or without primer but it also stays vibrant throughout the day too.

- Buildable & blendable. I know others prefer to have a very strong pigment at one go but I prefer it to be buildable because it is easier to blend. I can just get some product little by little and then blend. This way, I don't make mistakes easily and I can achieve the look & intensity I want depending on what I like at that moment. 

- I really enjoyed the color selection. I can create a complete look with just this palette. I have shades for crease, highlight, lid, accent & even colors to deepen the look. I won't need other supplemental palettes or eyeshadows because everything I need is here.

- Packaging is sturdy. I can travel with this palette & not worry that the eyeshadows will get crashed. I also love that it has magnetic closure that doesn't open up very easily.

- I am happy that I could create lots of looks from this ranging from no-makeup makeup look to edgy & colorful. I really am surprised that I get inspired whenever I open this even though I am not an artist 


- The price. It is so expensive! $83 CAD plus 13% tax, all in all almost a hundred bucks for a palette of 24 shadows. I don't think I can buy this without the discount. 

- Even though I love the packaging, it is so hard to store since it is big. Maybe once I get a vanity table I can look for ways to display it haha

- It says in the packaging that this will expire in 9 months after opening. Although I don't follow the expiry date, I am worried that this will go bad faster than my other eyeshadows.

- Limited edition. I hate limited edition products because once I used it up or something happened to this, how will I replace it?

- Other people might get a hard time creating looks from this palette because of the arrangement of the shadows. I didn't mind it but others can get overwhelmed easily & get stuck on ideas because the shadows are scattered & was not layed out in a way that guides users in creating a look.

Definitely! You should buy this if you love a very versatile eyeshadow palette & you love playing with colors. These are very pigmented & blends easily so it is perfect for regular makeup lovers like me. I will definitely buy more Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes in the future if there will be new releases since I really love the quality, though I wish her products are not so expensive haha that's really a draw back most of the time.
By the way, sorry if I don't have any pictures using this palette. I was planning to do so but my eyelids were still super dry & flaky until now from the extreme weather conditions here in Winnipeg (-40 degrees!). I am not wearing any makeup for the last 2 weeks now because my skin from head to toe are so dry. I promise to post makeup looks soon once I get better skin condition. Crossing my fingers my new moisturizer will help.


I got the Urban Decay Heavy Metals eyeshadow palette last Christmas when it went on sale for just $35 from $72 CAD. I was actually aiming to get it when it first came out but I can't get over the price especially since I just bought the $82 KVD palette. Lucky for me, they went on sale and was able to grabbed it before it went out of stock. Although I have seen it on Shoppers Drug Mart website a week ago so I'm not sure if they still have some on stock. 

I have actually not used this yet on my eyes, but based on first impression with the finger swatches, this will look bomb! I bought this because I love very shimmery eyeshadow looks but I hate the need to use glitter glue, so this is perfect. Also, it has all the shades I will need to create a look & it will go nicely with my other eyeshadow palette that lacks glittery colors. 

Bulk Made in USA, Assembled in Dominican Republic 
Net Wt. 20 x 0.8g (0.03 oz)

What are your favorite eyeshadow palette? Please share them on the comment section below. 😄  

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Review: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Hello everyone! How's the weather in your are right now? Here in Winnipeg, I still can't believe I am saying that -10 degrees is warm LOL. Well if you had 3 weeks of -30 to -40 degrees wind chill then you will understand why. 😜 

I planned on posting reviews for Holiday 2017 collections that are still available right now but majority of what I have are already out of stock so there's no point anymore because you guys won't be able to buy them. These are the only items I have on hand that were released during the holidays and are still available as of today.

Kat Von D released a set of 8 mini liquid lipstick for holiday 2017, only 1 shade (Madrid) is new and the rest are regular colors. I am not really fond of liquid lipstick in general because I have very dry chapped lips and all of the drugstore brands that I've tried made my lips even drier. But after getting the Sephora Give Me Some Bold Lips set last November which included 1 Kat Von D mini liquid lipstick, I fell in love with the formula. I got so intrigued if it is just a fluke or if high end brands do have better liquid lipstick formula, and this set came out just in time because I can test a lot of shades in one go. 

Each mini liquid lipstick contains 3ml of product and the set costs $66 CAD.

Here are the swatches of all 8 shades included in the set. I do have pigmented lips so please keep that in mind.


You can see in the swatches how it looks right after application versus after letting it dry for a minute. Only Witches and Exorcism needed 2 coats for it to be even and more opaque. If you will see the picture of Hawkwind, it also shows the difference in shade if you applied 2 coats after letting the 1st layer dry first. If you wanted to achieve the intensity of the color in the bottle, I would suggest you do 2 layers of application.

I also got 3 out 4 of the limited edition Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks that Kat Von D created to benefit Farm Sanctuary, an organization committed to ending farm animal cruelty. 20% of the retail price will go directly to Farm Sanctuary to support their mission. I was only able to get 3 because Bruno was out of stock when I ordered these. Each shade represents an animal in the Farm Sanctuary. 

Each tube of liquid lipstick contains 6.6ml of product and costs $24 CAD at Sephora.

And this is the shade that I got from the Sephora kit - K Dub

What I liked about Kat Von D liquid lipsticks:

- This is a cruelty free brand and according to the package these liquid lipsticks are also vegan. I love supporting brands that take the extra step in helping animals in poor conditions.

- Long lasting and transfer-proof. I wear scarves on a daily basis and it usually covers my nose & mouth but you will not see any lipsticks stain on any of them.

- Matte finish but not drying. I can definitely feel that I have lipstick on my lips but they don't feel uncomfortable. I can wear these liquid lipstick for 8hrs and my lips will not become any drier than normal.

*Shot of my lips after wearing the lipstick for 8 hours. I was talking and drinking water too

- Great pigmentation. As you can see in the lip swatches, they look good even on 1 layer only which is how I wear them most of the time. I do believe it would take some time before I can use these all up haha

- I love how light the scent is and that there is no flavor. I really hate lipsticks that taste or smell floral.

- Consistency in the line regardless of shade. I have 12 Kat Von D liquid lipsticks from nudes to black and they all perform the same. 

- I love how easy it is to apply. The doe foot applicator spreads the product evenly and it just carries just enough amount of product for 1 layer of color. 

- Wide range of colors to choose from. You can definitely find something you like.

What I don't like:

- I prefer the applicator of the mini compared to the full size. It's not because of the doe foot applicator as they are the same, I guess I get more control with the shorter wand? I really don't know but it is easier to get a clean straight edge with the mini wand.  

- Expensive. A full size costs $24 CAD! And I probably won't be able to finish it since I have a lot of lipstick on my collection. 

- This set has shades that are too close to each other that when I applied it on my lips I couldn't see too much difference. I am not a makeup artist so I can't appreciate the subtle variation in shades. I hope the next mini set they came out with would contain more colors.

Will I buy again? 
Definitely! I think Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipsticks is my favorite among all the brands I've tried. I know I won't be able to use up the full size so unless they came out with another collection that will benefit another organization that helps animals, then I will just get the minis. 

What are your most favorite liquid lipstick? Please share them down in the comment section below so I can check them out. 😊

Thank you for dropping by!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Top 5 Most Used Products of 2017

Welcome back fellow makeup lovers!

Today, I wanted to share my top 5 most used products for the year 2017. I have tried so many products this past year that I was able to reach VIB Rouge status at Sephora in 10 months! And that's not counting the drugstore products that I accumulated too since I live near a Superstore (so bad for my wallet LOL 😄). Anyway, these contain mini reviews, but if you wanted swatches or in-depth reviews for any of these, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to do so. 

#5 Pixi Glow Tonic

This Glycolic Acid toner helped my skin so much over the past year. It helped me with my breakouts especially during summer and it kept my skin feeling smoother over time. Although this toner is very expensive for something from the drugstore (around $40 CAD!), even with everyday use a bottle will still last you 8 months to a year plus it is effective. Now I know why this is a cult favorite or so many years. 

#4 Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

This is my go-to foundation since I got this in late 2016 as a gift from my sis when she went to Japan. I could use this on any season (summer to winter) and it will still perform the same. I just need to change my primer depending on what my skin condition is. This is very lightweight (you could hardly feel this on your face!), doesn't break me out even if I use it frequently and it gives the perfect light-medium coverage for everyday use. This also has SPF 25 PA++ which is nice especially since I use Vitamin C on my skincare routine. Shade 213 is perfect for me too which is a bonus since this foundation has a very limited shade range. I don't know what I would do when this run out because it is not available here in Canada.  

 #3 The Balm In The Balm Of Your Hand Vol. I Palette

I know this specific palette is limited edition and that there's a Vol. II now, but all of the items in this palette are in their permanent line so you can get them individually if you want to. This is one of the 3 palettes that I brought with me when I moved here in Canada. I know that I won't be able to bring my whole makeup collection and I knew this would be the best choice because everything I need to create a look is in here. The only item I wasn't able to use much are the lip products and the eyeshadows Lead Zeppelin & Insane Jane. The rest are used on a daily basis even when I have already built a new makeup collection here. These powder products got pigment, staying power and blendability. Consistent good quality performance every time. 

#2 Wet n Wild Megaslick Balm Stains

As you can see in the picture, these are well loved. I have used these lip stains for 3 years now and I keep on repurchasing. They are long lasting, non-drying and very affordable. What more could you ask for, right? If you really wanted a no fuss lip color that you can wear and forget about for a couple of hours, this is meant for you. I never worried about feathering or transferring on my teeth or fading unevenly. That is why this is my go-to lip product if I know I don't have enough time to re-touch and look in the mirror frequently.   

*My fave color is Made You Pink for everyday

#1 Marcelle Micellar Water

I can't count anymore how many bottles I've used up since I came here. This is the best makeup remover I've used! It is so gentle that it doesn't sting my eyes but it is so heavy duty that it can remove even waterproof mascaras. It doesn't irritate my skin or strip it with moisture, no breakouts too. Although this is not cheap compared to other micellar water available at the drugstore (around $20 CAD) but this the only cruelty free brand I can find here and it is so effective that I don't mind paying the price. I just wait for sales and hoard as many bottles I can get haha I never ran out of backups. Love the dispenser too, it makes getting just the right amount of product on the cotton pad faster.

Thank you so much for dropping by today! My next posts would be about my thoughts on the 2017 Holiday Collection/Limited edition releases. I know some of them are already out of stock but there are some that are still being sold at Sephora and on lower pricing too. Please watch out for that, and I will try to upload those in the following days. 😊  


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Good Bye 2017... Hello 2018! =)

I just wanted to greet everyone 
a very Happy New Year! 

Wishing all of you good health, 
more happiness and lots of prosperity 
for 2018. 😄

I know you have been waiting what my plan is for my blog and I have decided to start all over again. Back from the beginning when I have a separate blog for beauty, books and food reviews. I think it is easier for my readers to just follow the blog with the content they wanted to see. I am still working out my posting schedules for each but for my main blog, which is Gale Loves Colors, I already have a lot of things lined up. I just needed to decide the sequence of posting haha so please watch out for my posts again. 😀  

Looking back to my life in the past year, I have a lot of huge challenges and events that happened to me in 2017: Moving from Philippines to Canada and adjusting to the extreme weather differences, learning to live my life as a wife with all the responsibilities connected to it, trying my best in starting a new chapter in my life away from all of my family and friends, and the most challenging - starting my professional career from ground zero. Luckily for me, I am blessed with a very supporting husband who gives me encouragements whenever I stumble into a glitch (usually bouts of home sickness and depression because of lack of income LOL). Still, I am very thankful as I considered all of these experiences as blessings and I am praying and I am claiming it that 2018 will be better for me.

See you all back in a couple days! Thank you so much for sticking with Gale Loves Colors thru thick and thin. I really really appreciate it. 


Saturday, April 22, 2017

What have I been doing?!

Hello friends!

How are you all? I hope all of you are safe, happy and healthy. 

It's already the end of April 2017 (Gosh, time flies so fast!) and I have been MIA again and I feel sorry for my blog especially to you reading this for all of the inconsistencies in my posting. I am not even sure if I should re-vamp it and continue writing or not. I have an inkling in me now to re-start my blog...I mean start fresh. My plan is to still keep 5 categories: Beauty (makeup & skincare), books, TV shows/drama, food and pets. And maybe a couple of personal posts like this if ever something big happened to me haha. I am also hoping to keep a posting schedule like maybe 2-3x a week, but definitely not all 5 categories in 1 week haha. Anyways, this is still in the planning stage. First, I need to buy a laptop that I can use anytime I want. I have been without a laptop for a couple years now and have been just borrowing every now and then, so I can't keep a fixed schedule before. For camera, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that takes great quality photos and I think it will suffice. I will update you all once I was able to push through with the plan. =)

Now, for the life update hehe. If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I got married last year and that my husband lives in Canada. Well, I have now immigrated here in Manitoba, Canada! I arrived February 2, 2017 and I am still in the process of adjusting. I plan on making a full post about my journey so that those interested in the process will get a lot of information. I just wanted to give you all a snippet of information hehe. I am currently spending my days attending different government funded classes to help me with the adjustment as an immigrant and also applying for a job. I am hoping to be able to have one before the end of May so I can start working and earn money...you know, for buying stuffs to review. We actually have a Sephora near our place and it's such a temptation there haha =P

So that's it for now. Hopefully I can upload the full post regarding my application process and how is my life here in Canada is. I'm really excited to share with you all my journey. I miss you all! 

Is anyone still out there? If yes, please shoot me a comment below coz I would love to get connected with you all again. :)

Crystal Gale

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gale Eats: Bites of Love Salted Egg Potato Chips

Happy rainy Saturday everyone! :)

This morning I have received my order from Bites of Love. I saw an FB post from Donna of My Lucid Intervals about the salted egg potato chips and she was asking if it was really good. I was intrigued because all of the replies on that post said the chips are really good. So yeah, I ended up ordering from them hoping it would be worth my money. 

Price: Php 250

Size: It is not indicated how many grams this has but the container is the same size as the peanut brittle sold in Baguio. Here's also a comparison shot beside a regular sized mug. 



- This is really delicious! I haven't eaten something like this before. The taste is also very addicting. We can't seem to stop eating the chips haha ^_^

- The chips are made from real potatoes. If I am not mistaken, these potato chips are handmade too.

- I believe these chips are made by batch, probably weekly. Guaranteed always fresh.

- And I really appreciate how easy it is to talk to the owner of Bites of Love. I had a very smooth transaction.


- This is very pricey for potato chips. That's Php 250 for a small tub. Take note that this container is not full to the brim with chips. There's like around an inch of space from the brim, I'm not sure if this is because the chips got broken into smaller pieces during delivery or it's meant to be like that.

- I'm not sure how long you can keep this crispy. The container is not sealed so I think the crispiness of the chips can go away pretty quickly.

- The chips are greasy, probably because of the butter & salted egg that's coating it. So definitely not healthy hehe =P

- This is spicy. Not too much but you can definitely feel the kick. I am not fond of spicy foods so my tongue is quite sensitive to it. This has chopped siling labuyo (chilli).

Me & my family loved it! We got addicted to the taste & can't stop eating. We were able to finish the tub in one seating haha. Definitely a good experience to try. 

I recommend that you guys try it first if it will suit your taste buds. I guarantee that it taste awesome! :)

Probably not, the price is just a turn off for me. Php 250 is too much for chips IMO. Other imported potato chips like Lays & Ruffles only sells for under Php150 & that's a big bag already. Also, I'm on a diet (I'm trying to eat healthier) & I'm pretty sure this has high calories & salt content compared to other more commercialized chips. BUT I am not disappointed that I was able to eat it because it is just so good!

I will probably just try to recreate this because I have seen a lot of recipes online. I will update you guys if ever it is a success. Experiment project ko yan haha :)

Thank you for dropping by!