Friday, March 13, 2009

Eraserheads - The Final Set Concert

I'm pretty sure you guys have known or heard about the Final Set concert of Eraserheads held last March 7, 2009 at the MOA open field..Well, I'm so lucky to be able to witness this historical event first hand and I've enjoyed this memorable time with my boyfriend, O.

In truth, I'm not a fan of the Eraserheads..I know their songs because my uncles always listen to them when I was still young and I like some of the songs too like "Huwag mo ng itanong" and "Huling El Bimbo" but I never was a fan because during those times, I'm still in love with boybands like Backstreet Boys hehe but since O love the band so much, we decided to watch it..Actually, he is the one who bought us tickets for the concert coz he won't miss this final concert..He really looked forward to this for a very long time so I'm really happy when he asked me to spend it with him..He told me that he can't think of a better person to spend that night with..awwww :)

Here are some pictures from the event..if you want to see more pictures click here :)

Here's a shot when we arrived at the site around 3:30 pm :)
Here's our couple shot hehe...look how happy he is :)

Here's my FOTD..I'll be posting a better FOTD and EOTN once I can get my pictures from my other camera :)

Sorry coz I can't remember the exact products I've used..I'll try my best to remember then I'll edit this again :)
Thanx for dropping by! Till next time :)


Askmewhats said...

awww I'm sure you had a wonderful time with your bf :) You look blooming!

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you Nikki! I did enjoyed it a lot :)