Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review: Human Heart Nature Organics

As I've promised, I gave these products from Human Nature Organics at least 2 weeks to work on me (as suggested by the seller)..so here is my take on them :)
Shampoo and Conditioner
- very affordable compared to other brands of locally available organic shampoos and conditioners
- smells good
- cleanses my hair well
- keeps my hair moisturized - I can even go out the whole day without brushing my hair :)
- lessened my hairfall during bathing - not totally gone but at least I got less amount of hairs falling whenever I shower
- adds volume to my hair
- I can't think of something yet hehe :)

Body Butter
- affordable
- not sticky even if I sweat
- smells great -not over powering
- absorbs easily too so I don't need to wait too long before I apply my sunblock
- a good day moisturizer
- moisture is not enough if you have very dry skin

Lip Balm
- has SPF!
- affordable
- organic
- I don't like the scent/flavor - reminds me of my antibiotic when I was young haha (Cefaclor) :)
- moisture it gives to my lips is not enough

I love Human Nature Organics! The customer service is good and the products are great..I will definitely repurchase the shampoo, conditioner and body butter in a bigger size :)
I'll post a revisit once I've used this for a long time to see if it gives a better result...I've read somewhere that organic products needs time to remove all the toxins caused by traditional products before they can work their magic..so lets see..till next time! Ciao!


Askmewhats said...

wow! organics! thanks for the post! :)

Tish said...

My sister uses their products esp their shampoo and conditioner. She stressed that her hair is full of volume which is particularly good if you have very fine (or thinning) hair. While I'm all for organic products, I'm pretty scared to experiment with my hair and face (I have yet to try their facial wash that has been sitting on my counter top for ages).

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - thanx for dropping by..do try it too! :)

Tish - thanx for visiting my blog! Yeah it does give my hair some volume..thanx for reminding me..I'll add that to my PROS hehe...I'm afraid in experimenting with my face too coz I easily breakout :)

Ida said...

thanks for posting the pros and cons regarding hhn's cocoa butter. i've tried a lot of their products but not this and was planning to try this but my skin is super dry. my fave is the hand & foot salve :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi ida! the body butter moisturizes well but it is not enough to totally treat super dry skin IMO..how was the hand and foot salve? does it really soften? If yes, I'll order that too when I get the big tub of mango body butter ..thanx! :)

Ida said...

sayang, i was on the lookout for a cheap organic lotion. will have to continue my search :) re the hand & foot salve, yes, for me this really softens. at first look the consistency seems the same as the cocoa butter but it's actually much thicker & moisturizing. only need a small amount too :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Ida, if you want a thicker lotion that is organic, do check out Venus & Mars cleopatra rub..it is very good for dry skin but still not sticky..I just wasn't able to buy another tub because my bf and bro don't like fruity scents haha..but I love the moisture it gives :)

Ida said...

^will add another, hope that's ok. :) I just ordered some items from venus & mars (excited to post on my blog about it) but didn't include cleopatra rub, will try that next time! my hubby doesn't like fruity scents either, hehe. or overly sweet scents (ex. caramel). :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ haha I could never get why boys don't like the smell..all the girls who have tried it loves it haha..maybe I'll get another cleopatra rub in melon when I get the lulur soap and another tube of lip balm...I really need the moisture it gives to my skin :)

I'll look out for your review :)