Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review: The Face Shop XNS Falsies

At last! I was able to "successfully" attached my first ever false eyelashes..I didn't put both coz I just want to show a comparison shot :)

As I have read in Jheng and Nikki's blogs, The Face Shop sells affordable and natural looking falsies so I bought myself a pair. I chose XNS because according to the SA of TFS Trinoma, this is their most natural looking falsies. I got this for around P115 (I'm not sure but it is not over P150). This comes with a small tube of glue.

Just by looking at these lashes, they do seem to promise a very natural looking lashes coz they are not too thick nor too long..by the way, the SA suggested that I cut this to fit the size of my eyes so I did it when I got home :)

I encountered so many hardships before I was able to put this one lash on my lid:
1. I had a very hard time opening the glue tube. The tube is so pliable that I can't put a hole on it .
2. The glue's drying time to become tacky took too long. So I waited a couple of minutes before I can apply it on my lid.
3. It was hard to align the lashes. Once the lashes connected to my eyelid, I had a hard time moving it towards my lashline.
*note: I think the source of my difficulties is the glue LOL*
Here's how my eye looked with falsies..For a first timer I think I'm successful in the application even though I tried putting it more than 5x before it looked like this :)

Here's a comparison shot of my bare eye with the one with falsies :)
I curled my lashes to see if it will look the same or not :)

The one with the false eyelashes does look better right? It made my eyes look brighter and flirty even without makeup..What do you think? :)
Even though I liked how I looked with false eyelashes, I don't think I like the hassle of putting and removing it..I actually had a hard time removing the remaining glue on my eyelid after I removed the falsies..hmm maybe I'll wear this whenever I have special events to go to or if I'm doing flashy eye looks..but for everyday, I don't think so :)
a REVIEW on THE FACE SHOP false eyelashes in XNS:
- affordable
- easily available
- looks very natural
- can be re-used 4x (according to the SA)
- sturdy enough for beginners like me (it did not got broken even if I was not that careful in handling it)
- already comes in a hard case for safe keeping
- comes with a glue
- perfect for beginners who wants to practice

- the glue takes too long to get tacky
- it is very hard to remove glue residue on the eyelids
Will I buy this again? Probably. Depends if I want to play with falsies again in the future..I did enjoy wearing them so probably yes :)
Over-all Rating: 4/5. I'll give this 5/5 if not only for the glue haha :)

What about you? Do you prefer wearing falsies or mascaras? Which is easier to remove? And please suggest an affordable but good quality glue..thanx! Ciao! :)


donnarence said...

tfs falsies are really nice and sturdy.. :D nice review.. :D

Chrissy said...

I like wearing falsies when I'm doing looks or playing around, but going out I just wear mascara. Personally I'm not one for lashes... I don't quite bother with them. I know I TOTALLY should though.so I will, heheh.

Nice review!!

Askmewhats said...

sis it does take time! I find it even easier to put falsies to others than yourself, iba kc you have to close your other eye no? But girl! YAY! successful! the lashes look wonderful on you!!!! :) Try to purchase a separate glue so you wouldn't have a hard time :) Great job! Love the falsies on you sis! But come to think of it, you have wonderful lashes to start with :)

Crystal said...

thanks for doing this review! i still want to try it out though.

fuzkittie said...

They look natural on you~

Ida said...

it looks good! :) they look real, not fake. definitely flirty :)

Crystal Gale said...

Donnarence - thanx! :)

Chrissy - thanx! you know, I can't even make mascaras work for me too ..usually, they weigh down my lashes and they are hard to remove at the end of the day hehe :)

Nikki - thank you for the compliment sis :)

agree! super hard on making them straight and near the lashline haha..sis, do you think it's practical to get a separate glue (like duo) even if I will not use it regularly?

Crystal - try it sis! I can't wait to see them on you :)

Fuz - thanx! :)

Ida - Thank you! that's the look I want..hmm that means I made the right choice of falsies to get hehe :)

Soapaholic said...

They look great on you!:) They seem to open up your eyes.:)

Crystal Gale said...

^ thank you! :)

Miss Girl Interrupted said...

Wow. What a difference the falsies made. It looked natural on you. Now, you make me want to try it too :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi sis! do try it..it's really fun to play with falsies especially if you are doing EOTDs..just look for a good glue coz removing it is the only downside I experienced :)