Sunday, July 12, 2009

Final Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream + Update

Hi guys! I'm so happy I was able to find some time to post! It has been a long time since my last sorry..there are so many things that happened and I can't sit for too long too make a post...and I don't have many FOTDs too coz my mom always have our digicam hehe :)

I also got busy doing our case presentation (our final requirement) last week. I was not able to sleep for 2 or 3 days! This is because my training schedules overlapped. My training in BGH ended last July 7 (graduation not happened last July9) and my training at CMC started last July 6 haha. So I attended my first day in CMC then I spent the whole night doing our case study and absented myself on Tuesday to attend my case pres at BGH then came back to CMC again the following day. I chose not to attend my graduation at BGH coz I can't risk my training at CMC. Anyways, it has been a very hard week for me because of this mix up and also because my family is getting sick one by one because of the change of weather. Their allergic rhinitis is acting up until now, and I'm so lucky I don't have it. I hope every one gets better soon.

Anyways, as promised here's my final review for Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #23:

Initial review

This is my 4th brand of BB cream. I tried this for at least a month to check if my skin likes it or's my final verdict for this product :)

What I like about it:
- has SPF 42 Pa+++
- great coverage: gives me a very smooth, flawless finish need for foundation on top
- the shade adjusts to my natural skin tone after a few minutes so it looks natural
- has some anti aging and whitening properties
- more affordable than BRTC and Skin79
- has good oil control

What I don't like:
- a little hard to spread because of the thick consistency (I tend to use more product because of this)
- makes my skin looks grayish after 4-5 hours (and it's very obvious!)
- it made me breakout 3x! Whenever I use it for 3 days straight, I get many small bumps on my face

Will I purchase this again? Probably not. I love my skin so even if it provides me great coverage and gives me a flawless finish, I don't want to risk having congested skin again. I'll look for another BB cream that might work for my sensitive skin.


I saw a post about the new travel set of Sigma Makeup..Although I'm not a fan of pink, I liked this brush set so much...It has all the essential brushes (in my opinion) that I need..and it comes in a pretty pouch too! so my brushes will be kept safe during the travel. I got this picture from the net, it compares the size of each brush to a full size Sigma SS187. Isn't it cute? Small but complete :)

I really want to buy it but the reviews for these brushes (all their brushes actually) are so seems like they don't have quality control or something coz some gets yay! and some gets boo! And for the price + shipping, I don't think I want to risk it..What if I get the not so good quality set? My hard earned money will just go to waste..don't you think? So guys, if any of you have this set, please do tell me if this is worth it or not..or if there's a better alternative for this travel set available locally..Thank you! :)

Till next time! Thank you for dropping by! :)


mszcheysser said...

Thanks for sharing a review! I really need to start looking around Ebay ;)!

Awww, sorry... I don't have the brush =[ I can't give you my opinion on it.

Nesz Reyes said...

gail where to purchase that brush set?

Crystal Gale said...

mszcheysser - no problem..oh by the way, be careful on ebay :)

Nesz - hi! it can be bought at :)

color said...

hi! very nice! i noticed you use the marykay concealer. is it good for the undereyes? (as in doesn't xause dryness or caking) thanks!

Crystal Gale said...

hi color! it's a so-so concealer for cakes and creases especially if i don't put any eye cream prior to my application..I'm on the look-out for a better one to replace this with ^_^

Mike said...

thank you for sharing your review :) i just ordered trial packs on ebay and i hope it could work miracles for me. LOL! :) and hopefully no break outs .. :((