Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: Freshlook Colorblends - Green

Hi guys! How's your weekend? I hope everything went well :)

Ayways, I spent my weekend with my grandparents..Everything went well except 2 things..First, when I woke up that morning (Saturday), my glasses were already twisted..I think someone accidentally stepped on it the night before but no one was talking..the sad thing is, I was not able to find my old glasses that morning and I need to go out so I opened my new Freshlook Dailies Contact lenses in Green Colorblends. Here's what I look with them has been so long since I last wore a tinted contacts..What do you think? :)

Here's my take on these contact lenses :)
- very comfortable to wear
- since it is disposable, it is very hygienic
- I think it looks natural on me..I'm not sure though on what others think hehe :)
- size is just enough unlike with circle lenses that makes your eyes look a lot bigger
- more expensive than extended wear contact lenses
- the tinted part disturbs my vision frequently during the vision blurs whenever the contacts moves
- it can't be worn for a very long time 
When I got home, I prepared to remove the contact lenses. When I was trying to remove the lens on my right eye, it won't budge. I tried so many ways upto the point that I wanted to pinch it. Then I thought that it got dry so I put some contact lens solution on both my eyes to lubricate it. Luckily, it worked a little and I was able to remove my contact lens but I tore it in the process because of the force I used. My eyes got so irritated and red that I worried my cornea was scratched. This is the first time I encountered this problem with contact lenses. Was it because its dailies? Does that mean extended wear lenses are safer? Anyways, I'm just happy that I found my old eye glasses so I don't need to wear my other pair of contacts anytime soon..
Has any of you experienced this? It was really scary coz I thought I'm going to go blind or I need to be brought in the hospital that night... I'm so thankful that I can still see clearly..

Till next time. Bye!


Tamara said...

hey sweetie! I tried those lenses in gray a year ago.. and I hated them because one was wrongly centered and I didn't see a sh**! :( Plus I wasted a lot of money for them.. like 200$ for some stuff I never wore, bah. I tried giving them to my sis (had 14day lenses, 2 packs or something like that), but she had the same problem. The lenses were bad.
Now I tried circle lenses and I feel like an alien! XD Next time I'll buy the star (twinkle star) circle lense... I love the sparkle, lol.

About the thing that happened to you. First of all - don't panick! Ever! It has happened to me like so many times, that I'm used to it. It happens just because your eye has dried out. Artificial tears help and the solution for cleaning lenses does too. You put some in your eyes and wait. Then you should be able to take it off.
That happened to me lots of times - sometimes I fall asleep with lenses, ahem... other times I wear them all the day. As long as you don't scratch and rub your eyes when they're that dry without any wet solution.. you won't hurt yourself!

Btw those contacts suit your superb! ^^

Anonymous said...

i want to try contacts, but i am too clumsy :)

Askmewhats said...

wow you look gorgeous! lucky you I can't even try to wear contacts as I could be allergic to the solutions! You look great Gale!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i haven't tried any contact lens...
im a bit afraid of sticking my fingers in my eyes..

& with your story i think i felt more!

mszcheysser said...

Oh man, I hate it when contact lenses are hard to remove! GRRRR. It hurts like hell. But anyways, it doesn't look like you are wearing contacts! And as long as it feels good, while wearing it... then it's all good ;)

Crystal said...

i used to wear freshlook contacts in green also but the disposable one that's good for 3 months. i actually like them a lot more than what i'm wearing now (freshkon extended wear) because i can wear them for longer periods of time. labo noh? disposable freshlook is longer than extended freshkon? but when it comes to long wear, nothing really beats the US-made extended wear contact lens like ciba thin and durasoft (which is phased out na). i love the green, but freshlook really burns a hole in your pocket so i think i can make do with cheaper ones instead.

Soapaholic said...

I think they look great on you!:) They really draw attention to your lovely eyes.:)

That's a scary thing about the corneal scratch scare.X_X

nikkiz. said...

Hi Gale! Green looks nice on you. Yeah, I had a corneal scratch before because my lenses got dry when I wore it overnight for duty. I tried to remove it but didn't notice that i was removing my cornea na instead. The lenses were torn. Never again coz it was so painful and I had to wear an eyepatch for 3 days while on ER duty!

Crystal Gale said...

Tamara - thanks for the tip! I'll really remember that..this is the first time it happened..I did not experience any of this even the cheaper contact lenses so I freaked out a little are the circle lenses? does it dry easier than regular ones?

Girl with glasses - if you are still in doubt, you should try the cheaper ones like EO contact lens first..and get the disposable one (good for 3 months)so it won't be too much of a waste if you don't like it :)

Nikki - thanks! you can ask your opthalmologist for a solution that is hypo, I can only use freshlook solutions..other solutions make my eyes burn..but I'm still on the look out for a better one :)

thiamere - putting on contact lenses involves practice and also need to know how to identify if your lenses are in the right side :)

mszcheysser - thanks! i really like how it looks..and feel..if only it doesn't dry up that easily and it doesn't block my view hehe :)

Crystal - I have tried Ciba lenses before but it got easily scratched (i think coz my eyes get painful easily with it)..I think 3 months disposable contacts are the best choice..any other brand that's good but not too pricey?

Soapaholic - thank you! yeah, it was scary..I'm glad it did not affected my eyes :)

Nikkiz - aww that's painful..I can't imagine how much..I'm glad you are okay..are you still wearing contact lenses now? what brand do you like? by the way, thanks for the compliment :)

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