Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review: Lush Soap (Honey)

Hi everyone! Remember my Japan gifts post? There's a lot of Lush products there but I only tried this soap because the other one is for bath tubs and I don't have a bath tub to use it..anyway, the bar looks and smells like honey. I'm not really sure of the name of this because the label is in Japanese but I did a research in the net and I'm thinking that this might be the name..

Honey I Washed The Kids

According to the site:
"Mouth-watering honey soap for washing you, the kids, the dog and the granny. Real honey hand and body soap to soothe and sweetly scent your skin."
Price: Php 245.00
Although my bar looks different from the one on the site, I'm really guessing that they are the same because it was the only honey soap there haha ^_^

I have tried this soap and here's my review:

- smells great
- moisturizing
- doesn't melt that easily (if kept dry)
- soft on the skin (unlike some organic bath soaps that scratches because of the content)
- the size can be cut into 3-4 pieces..so it is a big bar

- the smell it leaves on the skin only lasts for a couple of minutes :(
- a little expensive for me

Will I purchase this? hmm I still can't decide. If ever it did something good on my skin after I finished the whole bar, then I will buy it if not..probably not..I'll just get a good smelling body wash from Marks & Spencer (the scent of these last long on me).

What about you? Have you tried any Lush products? Are they worth the price? Share your experiences in the comments area..or you can put the link of your review so I can read them..Thank yoU! till my next post! ^_^


lelila said...
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lelila said...
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lelila said...

one of the highly recommended soaps in the Lush thread at GT, hope to get 1 for myself. haven't tried any LUSH product, find them a li'l expensive haha

(deleted my 2 comments, typo errors, sorry)

Crystal Gale said...

^I find it expensive too! If only the scent lasts for hours I might be tempted to buy this but since it doesn't..maybe not hehe :)

Askmewhats said...

ohh thanks to Dustbunny, I had the chnance to try this and I love it, it melt so fast though :) but you're right about the smell..didn't last long :)

herroyalbleakness said...

This is the first time I've seen a Lush review :D Intriguing!

It's funny, too, when Lush said that you can use it for your dog... and then granny! haha, nauna pa yung dog. saka Lush soap for the mutt? sossy!

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - what bar did you try that melts fast? I cut my bar into 3 pieces so that 1 bar can last a lot longer hehe :)

Arg - hehe yeah, I'm going to be poor if I use lush soap for all of my dogs (I have 11!) haha and they'll be super sossy! lol :)

nikkiz. said...

I've tried Honey I Washed the Kids before coz my DD likes the scent and made me buy it. I do like the scent but I don't like Lush bar soaps in general because they're not moisturizing enough for me. Also I prefer body washes (more hygienic to use, but that's just me).

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi Nikki! thanx for the input..may I ask what is your fave body wash that has a scent that lingers for a long time? :)

Emily said...

awesome soap! hehe

thanks for checking out my blog!, glad to know that u love dramas too :]

followed u also on your other blog
I just found out that Loreal is trying to be cruelty free...read about it here: http://www.livingcrueltyfree.com/2007/06/01/loreal-is-going-cruelty-free/

:D great blog

Anonymous said...

im always curious about lush products. but whenever i am like 20 yards away from the store, i could smell the mixed strong smell of the store :(

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for the link! I'm glad they decided to be cruelty free too..I want to buy their products but I don't want to support brands that tests on animals :)

Hi Jing! I so agree with you..the scents are too strong and I always sneeze or get a headache when I'm near their store in Shangrila haha..I don't think I'll be buying from them coz it's so expensive :(

The Spirit of Lakeshore said...

I just wrote this comment on someone elses blog, but the same comments apply.

Lush stores are a mezmerising cave of seduction. They pull you in and keep you entranced with their shape, colour, smell and feel. The products are designed to appeal to many senses at once. And the products appear to lift eople's spirits. This is good.

However, I agree with earlier posts; they are very expensive. I am a soapmaker (CP method) and have also made creams and lip/bath balms. Having made these types of products, I know the cost of making them. Well, you can guess that the cost is "considerably" less (without a sacrifice in quality)

I shop at Lush because the experience is wonderful-a sensory delight; but I do it infrequently because of the cost. In the meantime, I make my own or buy at Craft Fairs or Farmer's Markets. I have not shopped online with Etsy or companies listed on the Handmade Soapmakers Guild website, but these are wonderful options too.