Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Make Up For Ever Star Powders + Award

Hello everyone! Thank so much for the warm response on my previous post..I really enjoyed reading the comments..even my sister had fun reading them :)

Today, I want to review my all time favorite eyeshadows. This surpased my love for mineral eyeshadows..if you want to know why, keep reading ^_^

MakeUp For Ever (MUFE) is somewhat a high-end brand. It's an imported brand of makeup that is made in France. They have I think 2 or 3 branches only here in the Philippines (Shangrila Mall & SM Mall of Asia..not sure if there's one in Makati). In my opinion, their products are way better than MAC in quality (no offense to MAC lovers out there) but their prices are a little higher too. They are famous for their HD foundations and powders and also their concealers but my favorite product form them are their star powders.

I only have 2 star powders because I want to finish them up first before I buy again hehe the thrifty me is kicking again lol ^_^

I have Star Powder No. 902 (white gold) and 926 (dark pink). I swatched them for you guys with and without a base (I used MAC Painterly Paintpot).

When I look at the swatches, I noticed that there's no big difference in the quality of the eyeshadows even with a base underneath. The color and shimmer is still quite the same. Don't you think so?

Here's my review:
- very pigmented - I only need to use a small amount to be able for the color to show on my lids
- lasts long on my oily lids even without a base
- finely milled - I can easily blend it
- it's shimmery but not glittery - this is what I love about does not look like a glitter bomb
- packaging is very is a sifter jar! i like having tight sifters on my pots of loose pigments to prevent the products from spilling when i accidentally tipped it too much.
- no expiration date (according to the MUA at MUFE Marionnaud)
- a lot expensive than my mineral eyeshadows
- the shops are too far from my place (their branch at SM North closed already)
- the shades are in numbers and not names like it is very hard to memorize them
- a little messy since it is in loose powder form
OVER-ALL RATING: 5/5 in quality and packaging..4/5 in price hehe
WILL I Re-PURCHASE? Yes! I want to have a peachy or champagne you have any suggestions? :)
I also want to buy one of their eyeshadow palette..I want to test if it is as pigmented as their star powders ^_^

I also received an award from Emily of Pink Monkey
thanks so much for this blogger buddie award! ^_^

Thanks for taking some time to read my blog! Have a nice day everyone!


Askmewhats said...

wow, I don't own a single MUFE star powder but I heard the quality is great and seeing the swatch, the one with base is super pretty! :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ try one Nikki! you won't regret it..the quality is superb..this lasts longer on me than my MAC pigments ^_^

irina™ said...

how do these work as highlighters? (:

Crystal Gale said...

Hi irina! You can dab the white powder on areas you want to highlight like inner corner of the eyes, browbone and cheek bone :)