Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review: Mandom Cleansing Express Age Care + Update

Hi everyone! We've been having bad weather here in the country lately and while many are getting sick because it changes so frequently, it will get hot then later will rain very hard, I'm experiencing the effect of these sudden changes on my skin. I'm experiencing dry skin! Yeah, my oil mine face turned into a peeling, dry skin which rarely happens to me. It was pointed out to me by my dermatologist when I visited her late last week for a checkup. She then gave me a thick moisturizer to be used instead of my usual Celeteque moisturizer. I also try to help my skin by not using oil controlling products such as my silica finishing powders and primers and my cleansers and makeup removers. This lead me to use my Mandom Cleansing Express in Age Care. I believe that anti-aging products have moisturizing properties because they are meant for mature skin that usually have dry skin. I've been using this product for a couple of days now and this is my review of it :)
- has anti-aging properties
- not drying to the skin
- removes dirt and makeup well
- comes in a big 300ml pump bottle (very hygienic)
- affordable (if you buy from Japan)

- not available locally
- the pump sometimes expel a large amount of product

Over-all Rating: 4/5. I'll give this a 5 if only it is available locally and the pump can be controlled better.

Will I buy this again? Definitely! I will ask my brother or my friend to get me this again hehe I love this way way better than the Sebum one (because it was too drying for me now).


Just an update about what I've been doing lately. I'm currently reviewing for my IELTS and I'm having a difficult time with it because my vocabulary and pronounciation is not that good (too much watching Asian dramas) huhu so wish me luck and please pray for me. I'm aiming for very high scores in this exam (around 8.5-9.0) so that I can work as an instructor there while I'm still waiting for a better opportunity for me as a nurse. Thank you! ^_^


Askmewhats said...

HI sis so true about the reviews, i feel the same..goodluck with IELTS! i'm sure you'll do well :)

mszcheysser said...

:) Hiii.

Thanks for sharing, your thoughts about the product. I would really love to try it, but it's so difficult to find for me, as well. Grrrr! Hot and Raining? I hate that. It's like that on Guam too. But right now, it beens raining non stop. Great time for sleeping, mmmm =]

Good luck with your exams! Good for you and your dreams for reaching high! Many people should get that drive!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thanks for the review!
i think i need to get my hands on this na!

im pretty sure you'll be able to do well,sis!
kaya mu yan!

herroyalbleakness said...

OO nga, it's a 5 for me too if it's available here sana. Ubos na yung bottle ko kaya I'm back to Pond's cold cream. Works just as good. :) ans avail pa here

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - I didn't know it's way better! I'm so happy my mom got this for me instead of the Sebum one hehe Thank you! :)

mszcheysser - Thank you! yeah, it has been raining so frequently here would be sunny for an hour then here comes a heavy rain for 3 hours haha so weird..maybe you can order online but it is way expensive :)

Thiamere - thank you! hehe go get one na..both are good but if you have dry to normal skin, go for moist or age care coz sebum can be too drying :)

Arg - hehe if my friend will go here again from Japan, I can ask her to buy us stocks..I just hope the price didn't went up by that Japan kasi, every store has different price for this..sometimes it's sold below P500 but to other stores it's P500-600 hehe..the nearest makeup remover for Mandom for me is Loccitane gentle Cleansing water..but it is so expensive! :)

Crystal said...

you know what, no matter what the weather is, even when i went to europe, i was still oily! baka winter lang ang katapat ko!

Crystal Gale said...

^ haha! well at least you won't have premature wrinkles :)

lelila said...

hi sis, just want to know where you did you get your mandom and how much, thanks!


Crystal Gale said...

^ hi lelila! I got them from Japan..I just ask my Japanese friends and brother to get me a bottle or two whenever they come back here in Manila..depends on where they got it but the price range is Php 500-700 :)

lelila said...

I know someone going to Japan next month, can you give me the name of store please? thanks in advance!

I'm about to finish my nivea cleansing milk and I want to try a new one.

Crystal Gale said...

^ naku sis, I don't know the name of the store..sorry..

lelila said...

ok lang sis, nacancel yung trip nila to Japan hehe