Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haul: Avalon Organics Vit. C Rejuvenating Oil-free Moisturizer

*warning: picture heavy*

Hello everyone! How's your 1st day of work/school so far? I hope everything went fine :)

Today, I went shopping for a good moisturizer. I finished up my tub of moisturizer made by my derma yesterday and I can't believe it coincided with my skin asthma attack. I had a hard time sleeping last night because my face felt so dry, itchy and there's a stinging sensation around my mouth too. Actually when I woke up this morning, my skin was still dry so I did not put anything on my face after washing (same with last night..just cleansing and treatment gel for itchies). Since I don't want to purchase another moisturizer from my derma (because I find it expensive even though it works great for me hehe), I went out to buy another one. I first went to Loccitane but after seeing the price tag of their moisturizers (Php 2,700 for 30 ml tube!) , I did not purchase it..I can buy a lot of Celeteque water-based moisturizer for that price hehe. As I was walking along, I came across Healthy Options and I remembered that Avalon Organics is a good brand of skin care according Girltalk and so I purchased one. I got myself the Skin Nourishing Anti-oxidant intensive Vitamin C Sun-aging Defense Rejuvenating Oil-free moisturizer..whew! what a long name! This moisturizer costs only Php575 for a 50 ml tub so I think this will last me a couple of months.

The Ingredients...
Here's what the container looks like...
It comes with a clear plastic cap with embosed label

It is a white, cream-type moisturizer that is thin in consistency.

Here's a swatch of it..this cream spreads easily and absorbs fast in the skin.

I'll give my intial take tomorrow for a more comprehensive point of view. At least I have used it twice already and I can note if there would be any changes in my skin. Please watch out for it tomorrow. Thanks! See you tomorrow guys! Bye ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i'll be waiting for your review,sis!

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanx for dropping by sis :)

LĂ­gia said...

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