Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tagged: "You in the Future"

I was tagged by Emily of Pink Monkey. The mechanics of this tag is to post what you think you will look or have in the future. It can be the type or style of clothing and accessories, your makeup look and items, hairstyle or where you want to's actually anything about you and what you think you will be in the future. I think this is a fun thing to do so I'll be answering this tag ^_^ 

CLOTHING - I really see myself wearing Korean and Japanese fashion. I'm always fascinated whenever I see Korean and Japanese actresses, singers and models with this style because they look elegant and cute at the same time..and they look so comfortable.. Asian fashion don't really bare too much skin and so I find it to my liking a lot..and I want to wear boots! haha :)

LOOK - I want to look like Yoon Eun Hye in this phot. I want to have long curly hair too hehe I'm always curious what I will look like with soft big curls like hollywood stars and singers. I also waat to purchase an expensive eyeglasses like this because my eyeglasses is on my essential items so I will definitely not mind spending bnig bucks for one :)

SKIN - YEH's skin all-over is perfect in this shot IMO and I'm aiming to have smooth, flawless skin before I reach 30 haha I don't know..I just want to be able to have the confidence to wear a swimsuit in a beach during my honeymoon (I plan on getting married before I'm 30) ^_^
PETS - I want to have a chihuahua,a labrador and some mongrels as pets. I love dogs so I don't think I can live without one :)
and lastly, I see myself living in Canada with my own family. I am already starting to arrange the requirements and papers in order to migrate to Canada and hopefully within 2 years I can go there already :)

That's it! I hope you had fun reading this long post hehe..I want to know yours post away! I'm tagging everyone who read this. Till next time! ^_^


jehan said...

how i wish i could wear really fashionable korean clothes but they're really expensive. I can afford them but i can't help comparing the prices and quality of clothes from back home. sizes are very limited too. i'm just glad "bangbang" (their bench or penshoppe here) is very forgiving with their pants/slacks...

Crystal Gale said...

^hi jehan! i agree that they are quite pricey..they are being reselled at Php400 up per item here..but that is also the price range of clothes locally so I don't mind hehe and i'll be unique in a certain way too..i'm glad you have found a shop there to buy :)