Monday, October 26, 2009

Skin diary update + important news

Good morning everyone!! I'm so happy to share with you all that I don't have any acne now..the previous ones are gone because I had them injected last Saturday with my doctor's reliever and I'm not getting new ones (thank God)! The reliever doctor is nice but I decided to wait for Dra. Manuel to ask for some spot treatment for my occasional cystic acne breakouts because I don't really feel like talking to her reliever since he's not that easy to converse with haha ^_^

Thank you so much for all the sweet words and advices you gave me..they gave me hope when I panicked..I'm so lucky to have you guys as my friends here in the blogger world..I hope we can all meet in person some day just to chat and hangout :)

I think I know already the cause of my breakouts. I got really stressed out these past few weeks and I think my skin just reacted to it plus the fact that I was unable to change my pillow case that frequently hehe..Oh by the way, I can already sleep on my back the whole night so I'm able to keep my face off the pillow haha I'm really happy today so yeah..this is such a great start for my week :)


Guys, I also want to share this article with you all..I think it is very important for us Filipinos to know this so that we can help do something..please check out this article by Arg to know the destiny of all the donations that DSWD received locally and internationally for all the victims of the super typhoons that hit us this past is really so sad that we can't trust our own government to accomplish something very important and urgent. I hope by spreading the word to all the people we know, we can do something to force them to do the right thing..especially if media people can get involved..we know that if they get involved, politicians can't help but do something especially now that the elections are near. let's do something!


Askmewhats said...

congratulations! wow! i'm glad the acne is gone! you were quite sad a couple of posts ago! Thank goodness you're oK :)

Chelle said...

Oh yeah I forgot to include, just in case your acne comes back *knock on wood*, my mother usually puts our pillows out if it's sunny so the sun will get rid of those bacteria and my pillow smells fresher :)

Kaye said...

Congrats! I still have occasional problems with pimples, so I totally understand your freak out episode. Good to know you're finally on the "road to recovery"!

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - thank you! yeah i was so sad..lucky me that I can easily be happy again hehe :)

Chelle - thank you for the suggestion..I'll try lola did that too to my pillows when I was young :)

Kaye - thank you! it is really hard for us noh? we can never be "always" clear..but at least we can make them occasional hehe :)

abby said...

congratulation sis! I'm so glad you're okay now =)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Thanks abby! ^_^