Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tag: 20 Questions

Just a quick post before I sleep again hehe..I just like to answer this tag that is making rounds in Youtube ^_^

1--Thing you cannot leave the house without?
I always bring my wallet or coinpurse anywhere. It would be hard to go anywhere if you don't have money hehe. And since this is a beauty blog, the one beauty item I can't leave the house without is my lipbalm. I have very dry lips so I need to hhave something to moisturize them.

2--Favorite Brand of makeup?
Hmm this is hard..I buy from different brands and I don't really have one brand that stood out to me..

3--Favorite Flower?
I'm not really a flower person but among all the flowers I saw, my favorite would be orchids and paper roses because they lasts long :)

4-- Fave clothing store?
No specific brand but I like buying online or on department stores. I'm not really into brands when it comes to clothes. As long long as they are comfy and looks nice, I'll buy it :)

5--Favorite Perfume?
I love body sprays or cologne better than perfumes. My favorite is Bath and Body Works :)

6--Heels or flats?
I love flats! I only have 2 pairs of heels and the rest are flats and sneakers. I love the comfort flats gives me and I can't really stand wearing high heels coz my feet hurts easily haha :)

7--Do you make good grades?
When I was still in school, I do try my best to get good grades. I just love studying and getting good grades makes my mom proud and happy so I strive for it :)

8--Favorite colors?
This is easy. I love blue (esp. turquoise, teal and baby blue), yellow, and white.

9--Do you drink energy drinks?
No. I can't drink caffeinated drinks.

10--Do you drink juice?
I love juice! I prefer this than sodas or just plain water.

11--Do you like swimming?
Yes! When I was young, I dreamed of taking up swimming classes so I can become a great swimmer.

12--Do you eat fries with a fork?
No. Fries are supposed to be eaten using your fingers since they are finger foods.

13--Favourite Moisturizer?
I'm currently loving Avalon Vit. C oil free moitsturizer.

14--Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yes! I love dreaming about getting married haha :)

15--Do you get mad easily?
Hmm it depends on who. I have patience when it comes to my loveones but if I don't like you, I get mad easily.

16--Are you into Ghost Hunting?
heck no. I don't like to see any ghosts hehe but I love watching reality ghost hunting tv shows

17-- Any phobias?
I don't know what it is called but I can't go diving or snorkelling on deep waters. Whenever I am underwater and I can see the vast view clearly, I panic coz I get an illusion of a shark coming towards me haha. I even experience it even when I am in a pool so I hate wearing goggles.

18--Do you bite your nails?

19--Have you ever had a near death experience?
Nope. And I hope I don't get to experience it.

20--Do you drink coffee?
I love coffee but sadly I can only drink the decaf now because I will get chest pains and palpitations if I drink plenty caffeine.

Answer this too if you find the questions interesting enough. Till next time! :)

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