Sunday, May 9, 2010

On spaying and neutering

Hello guys!

Warning: Not a skincare/makeup related post. Very long post.

If you have followed my posts, you would have guessed that I'm an animal lover...I have been one for most of my life...My dad and I are the only animal lovers in our family...and with just the two of us, we made our house look like a farm haha ...this is actually what our friends call our place, honestly! ^_^

I have 12 dogs and 3 cats while my dad have 7 ducks, 1 rooster and birds of different kinds..My sister's fishes and our monkey already died so they don't count anymore...but, can you imagine how big our "fur family" is? hehe well, the more the merrier right? ^_^

Well, I love each of my dogs and cats...I don't mind the monetary problem of: buying sacks and sacks of dog food and cat food, veterinary bills, vaccines, etc. I don't mind getting dirty whenever I need to clean them up...but there's one thing that I can't help but feel guilty about...I'm not a responsible pet owner. WHY?

Well, FYI, I have female dogs and cat that gets pregnant easily..I actually reached a total of 20 dogs and 7 cats at one time in the past because they all got pregnant at the same time..I really had a hard time finding people who are willing to adopt my babies' babies. I never actually thought about it that much before..I only tell myself, "What can I do? It's their nature. I keep them inside but stray dogs find themselves a way inside our backyard. ETC"
But one day, I chanced upon an article about spaying and neutering...I then realized, I'm not a responsible pet owner. And I don't want to stay that way..I want my babies to live a healthier and longer life. And I ddon't want to contribute to the ever increasing population of stray cats and dogs.

For benefits of spaying/neutering click here:

So, I made my first step by researching in the net about it..I came across two organizations that promotes population control for native dogs and cats...They are CARA and PAWS.

They encourage pet owners to have their pets spayed and neutered especially those who roam the streets to lessen the number of abandoned kittens and puppies on sidewalks and highways.

If you are wondering, both CARA and PAWS offer the most affordable spaying and neutering in Manila (even compared to UP Vet Med). They also save cats and dogs and then groom them for adoptions. In my opinion, adopting and giving a home to one of these animals that needed love is the best compared to buying from petshops and breeders. There are so many homeless dogs and cat in the shelter that needed love.
Anyway, I have scheduled my 3 cats first since they can multiply a lot faster than dogs. Did you know that cats can get pregnant again even just after 2 months of giving birth? So, yeah, I brought my cats yesterday at PAWS and have them spayed and neutered..It's a long day waiting since I need to wait until they are awake before I can take them home.
Here's some pictures of them. I placed them on individual cages (I used picnic baskets because they are cheaper than carriers and they function the same).

Here's my boy, Gray, still groggy from the anesthesia. He took the longest time to wake up.

And MJ (Short for Muning Junior...he looks like his mom) drinking water after being NPO for 24 hours. I only let them drink and eat when they were already fully awake.

And a shot of their mom, Muning. She's still recovering until now since the doctor needed to remove her uterus and fallopian tubes. But her appetite is good and she's quickly recovering.
Look at her sleeping pose haha so cute! ^_^ As of now, the two boys are alternately playing, eating and sleeping while Muning sleeps in the bathroom floor since it's so hot.
My babies actually got a lot sweeter and less aggressive which is a good plus for two boys plays roughly before and they don't like being cuddled but now after being neutered, they are the one approaching me and wants to be cuddled..So I'm really happy. Plus, i don't need to worry that they will multiply anymore hehe ^_^

I'm saving up now for my female dogs..I really want them to get spayed soon before their heat comes :)
So that's the reason why I was so busy..I spent the my whole Saturday with my babies. Hopefully I can touch a heart with this post. Let's all be responsible opet owners from now on.

Bye! ^_^


Pammy said...

Gray looks really cute. And the pose is really funny. Now I miss having cats. I think it was a good move you just made for your pets. :)

Chelle said...

Sweet idea! ^.^ I agree with your choice, it's a lot better to spay or neuter pets than to let their population balloon then they become stray cats and dogs, it's more cruel to bring them into this world and let them live a harsh life...

Askmewhats said...

Oh my!! I am an animal lover too and I love this post!!!! :)

Angel said...

I always spay/neuter all my animals.
One of my friends doesn't and it really bothers me because her cat kept having kittens because they wouldn't spay her. :/ and the kittens ended up on the street because they just left them outside because no one wanted them.

I am so glad that at least where I am from, our shelters give all the animals coming in operations so that your animal will be fixed when you adopt it from them.

It bothers me because it's not a very expensive or dangerous operation. Many times, they have Spay/Neutering drives where you can get your animals fixed for free even! I don't think there is any excuse to not fix your animals unless you are a breeder or for SURE know that you can handle the baby animals and give them homes.

Crystal Gale said...

Pammy - haha yeah..he's so cute and you can actually mistake him for a pregnant cat coz he's so chubby..hehe although I hope he'll stop eating his brother's food :)

Chelle - I so agree with you...I'm just glad I learned about these procedures now intead of later :)

Nikki - Thanks! ^_^

Angel - I agree with you 100%. It's not that expensive and there are 2x a year where they offer it for free.

If only I don't already have a lot of pets and my family is not already complaining about them, I will adopt from PAWS or even donate some food.