Monday, May 3, 2010

Skin Diary Update

Hi guys! I just came back from a visit from my dermatologist so I thought this is the perfect time to do another Skin Diary Update :)

Well, I know you are waiting if my rashes eased up with the new medication I used two weeks ago...hmm...It did help a little but it can't really win over the very hot weather so I still have lots of rashes until now...I also got some acne again...I think it's because I slept late these last weeks and I ate a lot of candies and pastries.

According to some study (and my derma also told me this), there is a definite correlation to eating high sugar foods and, I'll try my best to lessen my intake of sugar spiked foods and see if my skin will improve...I think this is way better too coz I don't want to be diabetic when I get older (it runs in my family so I need to be extra careful)...

Anyways, I had basic facial and an acne treatment ( I forgot what it's actually called haha) and also had my one and only acne injected. I'm also gonna take antibiotic for a week to help with my skin...I also switched my acne cream plus to extra strength acne gel to help with my right cheek ..hopefully, by the time I go back to my follow up checkup next week, my skin had improved a lot.

Oh, before I forgot..Rhea, it's so nice to see you again after a's really a nice surprise to see you at the clinic...I hope our skin gets back to being good ^_^

Till my next post! Bye!


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jehan said...

hi Gale!

i think i'm done with dermatologists na.. siguro maliban na lang if i go for the treatments recommended on my skin discolorations or pigmentations. but with my acne, i just found the solution myself because the derma would only give me antibiotics and a cream.

i just wash my face with my peppermint soap, most of the times i even skip the toner and just apply the moisturizer (innisfree) i warmed with my palms and just the red spot balm (etude house) warmed at the back of my hand too. i watched from a documentary here that it's so important to warm every product with your hands first before application..

i'm currently satisfied with the products and the results..

Ida said...

I read about sugar possibly causing acne too. I really hope you acne goes away soon. Mine too *fingers crossed. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Darryl - thank you for sharing those information :)

Jehan - I'm really glad your regimen works great on you..I think mine is kinda chronic hehe genetics kasi talag main cause...but hopefully I can try your moisturizer..I want an alternative for my celeteque :)

Ida - my bf just told me that he broke out too whenever he eats plenty of chocolates hehe...I hope you'll get clear skin too :)

Rhea said...

hi gayle! it was nice seeing you again! yeah, i hope our skin will get better . . . very soon! :) i will forever be thankful to you for referring me to dr. manuel! :) take care and hope to see you again soon!