Friday, October 15, 2010

Derma Roller #3

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having fun :)

As promised, here's the continuation of my Derma Roller (DR) Skin Diary.. As you all know, my 3rd DR was postponed for almost a month because I broke out and we needed to give my new meds a chance to work. 2 weeks ago, I was able to have clear skin so my derma decided that we can push through with the 3rd derma roller.

Here is a shot 2 weeks after my 3rd DR. I just got out of the shower so this is my bare face.

I hope you can notice the improvements too :)

My skin's texture became finer and smoother especially the areas that I rarely get pimples/acne. My ice pick acne scars are starting to "elevate" and I'm crossing my fingers that they will disappear totally after a couple of sessions.

My acne breakouts also became smaller so it's really a blessing for me that my new meds is working and that the DR has helped in the absorption process. I hope the acne control effect of the derma roller will be seen in my skin soon.

I'm planning to get my 4th session within this week so expect another update in 2 weeks :)

Till next time. Bye!


Morbidfrank said...

wow. nice. How much is a session of a derma roller and where is your doctor's clinic? I hope it's not that pricey. :)

Askmewhats said...

yes! I can see improvements! So happy for you!!! You deserve it, you've been battling with it for quite some time na :)

herroyalbleakness said...

gale! change your layout... yung background na flowers napupunta sa pics mo --- i thought you've got floral skin tuloy :)

either gawin mong solid color nalang the background or wag mong gawing translucent yung post box.

on to your topic --- yay for you on your 3rd dermaroller treatment. i really cant comment much on the improvement it did for you (coz uve got fairly nice skin naman to begin with).

what's your MD's goal for prescribing it to you? and how long yung needle mo?

i missed your page! tagal ko din MIA :)

Crystal Gale said...

Morbidfrank - Hi! Derma Roller is a package of 10 sessions in my derma. Price depends per case so better to go to the clinic and talk with Dra. Manuel. Her prices are a lot cheaper than other derma that I know/heard of.. Her clinics are located at Visayas Ave and Legarda (Mla)

Nikki - Thank you! i hope the improvements continue to appear :)

Arj - I changed my layout already. How do you find it? okay na ba?

my derma's main goal for the derma roller is really for the acne control and it really helped control the eruption of big cystic acne on my face...Secondary reason is for the ice pick scars I got from my breakouts and also to improve skin texture :)

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