Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tag: What's in your kikay kit (makeup pouch)?

Hello everyone!

I was tagged by Joice a couple of weeks ago but I just got the time to do it tonight so here it is. This is what my makeup pouch looks like.

Blotting papers
Medicine kit (meds and band aids for emergencies)
Lip balm
Hair tie and pin
Room keys
brown paper bag (in case I can't breath)
Pantyliner/sanitary napkin
Facial tissue

My pouch is from Japan (a gift from a friend) and I love it because it fits everything I want to bring. And also, it has small pockets inside to fit my keys and mini perfume container.

I'm tagging everyone who wants to share their Kikay kits. Please post in the comments the link of your post if you did this coz I love looking at other's pouches hehe ^_^

Till my next post! Thanks for dropping by ^_^


gingerSnaps said...

hello Gale,
I like your stash. You are organize.

Pammy said...

Is that Haw Haw? Yum! :P

Crystal Gale said...

Gingersnaps - hi! thanks po. My secret is the pouch itself coz I'm not really that organized haha ^_^

Pammy - Yup! HawHaw yun.. type mo din yun? :)