Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Derma Roller Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA again...December is a really busy month with all the events happening and everything. Also, I can't take pictures of all the stuff I want to review for you guys coz my digicam is still in the repair shop. I had it checked out coz the screen have a purple tinge at the side and I got afraid the problem will progress so I sent it for repair ASAP.. Hopefully, I can get it this weekend (They told me I'm supposed to expect it by Saturday, but who knows)...But for now, no pictures post...

Anyway, since I don't have pictures to show you all of the result of my Derma Roller #5 + Collagen, I'll just enumerate the things I noticed in my skin after the procedure ^_^

*A day after DR*
- My skin still appears pinkish
- It became soft
- Appears smooth all over
- My skin feels a little sensitive (like when you used too much astringent) because of the needles

*A week after DR*
- Skin still appears smooth and rosy (No need for blush!)
- Oiliness is lessened and appearance of pores is finer.
- I'm loving the appearance of my skin at this time because I look flawless in pictures even without anything on haha (and even with my dark blemishes on the cheeks)
- I got compliments that my skin had really improved ^_^

*2 weeks after DR*
- The effect of the collagen has lessened already. My skin is still soft to the touch but the same when I just got it. ..BUT I still love it :)
- I'm getting oily again but my pores is still not that huge so at least that's a retained effect from the DR.
- The rosy cheeks is still there so I really look healthy

*OVER-ALL REVIEW after 5 Derma Roller session*
- I don't get huge cystic acne anymore even during my period! Yay! I'm so happy that I've achieved my priority goal for undergoing this procedure after 5 sessions.

- My ice pick marks are slowly elevating and I'm crossing my fingers that they will all flatten/be of the same level as the rest of my skin before my 10th session is up.

- My skin appears clear even if my acne marks are still dark.

- I have permanent rosy skin now which makes me look like I have healthy skin to start with :)

- Having being able to confidently go out with just a tinted sunblock on my face and without worrying too much about acne really helped in my self esteem so I'm a happier person over-all ^_^

I still have 5 more Derma Roller sessions and I'm now aiming for a flawless skin ^_^

I'm thanking God for all the blessings I'm receiving right now and I hope all of you will also receive lots and lots of blessings especially now that it's Christmas season :)


-Love Gale-


herroyalbleakness said...

Oh, good for you Gale! I'm still on the fence to having it, though. I'm pretty scared about the thought of several needles rolling on the skin.

However, my derma is encouraging me to have it na.

Crystal Gale said...

Arg - Thank you! Yeah, i'm kinda eefy about it too at first but then, there's a lot of topical anesthesia applied to your skin so it just feel like a hair brush is pressed onto your face :)

Juana Kristina said...

The needles look pretty scary. :P I'm glad it's working out for you! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Juana - Thanks! yeah, i guess they are a little intimidating hehe lucky me, I'm not afraid of needles and my pain tolerance is high hehe ^_^

Abby said...

awww. ocngrats gale! patience is a virtue talaga pag skin, noh? hope to see pics next time. get well soon sa cam mo. hehe =)

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks Abby! Until now, I still don't have my camera with me..huhu hopefully I have it with me before Christmas.