Friday, January 28, 2011

My Best Products for 2010 + mini reviews

Hello! I'm back! How's everyone? I hope 2011 will be better for all of us..It already started getting better for me so I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year ^_^

So, I decided to start my 2011 with a year-end list of the best products I used throughout 2010. These are products that I discovered in 2010 and loved and also products that I am still loving despite the years that have passed.

In no particular order...


- You all probably know that I love this to bits because I use this a lot on my FOTDS. It really helps control my oil and it also makes my skin appear smoother especially on pictures. This is really the cheaper version of MUFE HD Powder, IMO. I started using this 2 years ago and I'm still loving it until now. I think me and my sis used up around 2-3 pcs of this already coz we use it almost everyday hehe :)


-For a years, I loved using yellow undertone concealers (Mary kay concealer, Ellana Awake, Monave Buttercup, etc) to brighten up my eyes, but this year, I learned that peachy concealers can cover dark undereye circles better so I tried this one.. I loved this because it doesn't give me the reverse racoon look wherein your undereye area is just too bright for it to look natural especially in pictures. This product can make your eyes look awake and brighter too but not excessively. Great to use alone if you don't need too much coverage or you can apply it on top of a peach undereye concealer on days where you have dark dark circles due to lack of sleep.
-moisturize undereye area first to prevent the product from setting in the lines.
-Use a fluffy brush in applying on top of a creamy concealer to prevent caking.
-Use concealer brush if you want a heavier coverage

-I love these two because I can blend these easily on my lips for some color with added benefit of moisture. Both are non drying and long lasting. They give off a different shade of pink as you can see in the swatches below so I just switch them up everyday.
For me, Tianuo lasts longer on the lips and gives off a more vivid shade of pink than Lip Ice, so if you want a bolder lip look, go for Tianuo.
Although I usually carry Lip Ice with me for touch-ups during the day because it's in a stick form and won't stain your kikay kit. I also love that it just gives me a just-bitten look everytime. Really a YLBB lippie.


- Here are my favorite brushes of all time. I think I can live with just this set.
My must have brushes.
ELLANA BUFFFER BRUSH - One of the softest brush I own. I have tried a lot of face brushes and this is the best for me. I love MMU so I usually have powder foundations and setting powders and this brush delivers for the on-the-go girl like me. Since it's big, I can do my whole face in less than a minute with even coverage and smooth finish. I also did not experience any shedding, deforming or even having scratchy hairs even after a year of frequent washing (Unlike with natural hair brushes). And since it's synthetic, it's cruelty free.
ETUDE HOUSE DUO FIBRE BRUSH - I just love the size of this brush. Perfect for the whole face for applying liquid foundation or for your cheeks for applying blushes. I just love how soft and compact the hairs are which helps in creating that flawless finish. It's also quick drying so you can wash it as freqent as you want. I did experience a little bluish stain on the white hairs but I don't really mind coz it ddoesn't really transfer on my face. I love this way better than my MAC 187 SE because this doesn't shed.

LUMIERE DUO FIBRE BRUSH - I got this 2 years ago and it's still the same as when I got it brand new. Really good quality brush. Doesn't shed and bleed. It's also very soft and easy to clean. Perfect size for appplying blushes and highlighters. Although it says "powder" on the brush handle, it's too small for that function.

MAC 217 E/S BRUSH - This is already more than 2 years old and I'm very glad that it's still white haha. I love how it is very multi-functional (blending eye makeup, putting colors on lid, applying highlighters and concealers) and very easy to dry. I would love this brush to bits if only it's not scratchy. I really hated it when after a couple of washes, it became scratchy. I need to wash this after every 2-3 uses just to condition the hairs so that it won't irritate my eye area that much. But nevertheless, I still give this 4/5 because it delivers.

LOEW CORNELL 3/8 mop brush - a very affordable alternative to MAC 239 shading brush. Delivers well and very cheap. I'm very happy to be able to get this last year through Sol. It packs color on the lid very well and I can also use it for blending harsh lines. I can really recommend this as a good buy.

CHARM CONCEALER & EYELINER BRUSH - These two brushes are included in the first ever batch of Charm brushes produced (Is it 4 years ago? not sure). Although I'm pretty sure Chram brushes now are a lot better in quality than before, I'm still not in need of getting a replacement because they still function well even though I've used them thousands of time already. Look how old the handles look now haha but I still love them to bits. Good job on these ones Sophie!


- This curler is already going 4 years old and it still looks brand new. I just replace the rubber every now and then but the curler itslef is good as new. Very sturdy and reliable. It did not get rusty, bended whatsoever. I don't even buy Shiseido rubber, just Fanny Serrano refills but it still works the same as when I use the original one. Really a good investment to buy good quality products that you know you will use frequently for a long time. It really pays-off.

- This combination is my go to night time eye makeup. My eyes look so pretty and put together whenever I use this combo. Both eyeshadows are very pigmented and lasts very long so they are perfect for my oily lids. I've been using these eyeshadows for 2 years and I have used a lot of them already. I'm still debating whether to buy a full pot of MAC cocomotion or I'll just get another sample online so I can save some money and buy another product hehe...anyways, I am still in love with them so I included these two in my best products list :)

- I discovered this late last year and I fell in love with them right away. I just love how easy and simple it is to use compared to using gel liners. This is a pencil, so you have control in applying your liner unlike with liquid liner that it's so hard to create a straight line. This also have a sharpener at the end if you want a pointed one to create a finer line or a wing. Etude House carry different types of liners but I have only tried Proof 10 ones because they are the waterproof ones. I really have oily lids and even with a base, my liners smudges after 5 hours, but with this one, that doesn't happen. I really love how long lasting it is on my lids. Although I can't say the same if you use it on the waterline coz I haven't tried that. I just apply liner on my upper lashline to have an illusion of a fuller lashes haha.
The blue one is under the Jewelry line which has shimmers/glitters while the black one is from the regular line. Both are waterproof :)

Isn't it vibrant? I'll do an in-depth review on these liners next time so I can discuss it more with lots of pictures too :)

*BASIC BEAUTY 2-Way powder
-I came across this brand in Landmark Trinoma. It is a hypo-allergenic brand like Clinique and VMV. I don't know if this is a local brand or imported but it is really affordable. This powder is just around Php280. I've been using this everyday since I got it last month. I even showed it to my derma so she can check the ingredients for any irritating substance and she gave me a thumbs up (yay!) . I have not experienced any kind of allergic reaction from this powder. No itchiness, pimples, redness whatsoever (even on very humid days). It also controls oilies very well. I usually get oily within 30 mins after washing my face but this powder can keep me shine free for around 5 hours! For a very affordable product, it really delivers!

The packaging is a little unusual because the mirror is at the bottom of the pan and the label in at the top but it looks cute.
I will also do a separate review for this since I want to share a lot about this product. All I can say for now is, this is my HG powder at present :)

- Last but not the least, my savior, derma roller. I really really am grateful for this product because it salvaged my skin. I am now acne free, yay! I have finished my 6th session and I am still planning on finishing the last 4 to totally remove my acne marks.

Please watch out for my next post because I will do an update on my Derma Rolling experience.. I will show you guys how improved my skin is now :)
Sorry for a very long post. I think I missed blogging so much that's why I can't stop typing haha...Till my next post! bye!


donnarence said...

i love ellana's HD powder... how much is the eyeliner from etude?? thanks

Crystal said...

i'm really curious about the basic powder! i'll check it out some time.

Crystal Gale said...

Donnarence - Hi! It's around Php400 for each... It won't be over Php500 for sure :)

Crystal - yeah, do check it out. I hope you won't break out from it too. I'll try thir blush next time hehe :)

Pammy said...

Gale, you got me curious with that powder. If your derma gave you a thumbs up, then it's gotta be good. And for 280? A great find. :)

Crystal Gale said...

pammy - yeah, she told me that she can't find a bad ingredient in it but I should still test it out first if I'll get an allergic reaction and lucky there's none! Yup, a good find talaga especially for the price hehe :)

Askmewhats said...

Nice Best Products list! The derma roll is super intriguing naman! I think I need it, I have a very round face :D :D :D

Anyways, I am glad companies nowadays are making better pencil eyeliners! I am finding more and more inexpensive ones to work na!

sushiflower said...

hi!:) i was wondering if you use your Ellana sheer velvet before you put on foundation or you use this to set it?:) thanks! love the products <3

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - Thanks! You don't need DR naman...ang kinis mo na eh hehe but if you want to use it for antiaging, it's okay too :)

sushiflower - hi! I use it before and after since I'm oily...but if you have normal skin, you can use it for setting your foundie :)