Monday, January 2, 2012

My plans for 2012

Howdy!! How's everyone's first day at work for the year 2012? Luckily for me, my official start of work is on Wednesday so I just spent my whole day playing with my dogs and my BF... and since my dogs are so playful, I have a lot of battle scars now especially on my neck area since they were all jumping and wanted to lick my face...I feel like I've been scratched by a panther or something because I have 4 or 5 deep claw marks across my neck right now and some small scratches on my arms and legs too haha ^_^

I wanted to start with my Goals for 2012...Beauty related...or not haha ^_^

1. Be healthier.
I am praying that I will not get sick starting today and I plan to accomplish this by doing my new year's resolutions.

2. Enroll in a hair and makeup class with my best friend.
I want to learn how to apply makeup to others professionally. Wouldn't it be nice if I could make everyone prettier? ^_^

3. Have a driver's license and my own car.
I really wanted to have my very own car and know how to drive it safely. My dad and bro are both racers and I just learned how to drive on race tracks so I am gonna enroll in a driving school to learn the ideal driving skills I needed to survive in the highways hehe.

4. Learn Korean and and read.
It is a common knowledge that I love watching Asian dramas...and it would be so nice to watch dramas without English subtitles and also to listen to Kpop and understand the lyrics without needing to search online for the English translation.

And aside from my long term goals, I also have specific goals...Before I slept last night, I thought hard on what resolutions I wanted to make for this year and I wanted to share some of them with you all so that you can help me achieve them by reminding me that I needed to do a "Did she achieved her goals?" post at the end of the year...I would really love to be successful in fulfilling these goals for the year 2012 because it would mean I changed for the better ^_^

My New Year's Resolutions for 2012 are:

1. Sleep at 10pm and wake up at 7am.
I really wanted to have a routine again just like when I was still working in the office... and I also wanted to be able to have a restful sleep every night. And by doing this, I am also hoping that my dark circles and eyebags will disappear soon.

2. Drink at least 2L of water everyday.
I really have a hard time drinking lots of fluids because I tend to forget that I needed water so I am thinking of ways how to manage you have suggestions? Please share them with me!

3. Do not rub eyes.
Who wants premature wrinkles? Not me for sure but I really have the habit of rubbing my eyes especially when they are itchy. It will not only give me premature wrinkles but it will also scratch my eyes. I have been scolded by my opthalmologist before because when she checked my eyes they both have scratches on the surface.

4. Do not touch face.
I also have the habit of frequently touching my forehead to check if I'm oily or not. I hope I can break this too because it is not good to touch our skin with hands that are full of oils and will definitely cause breakouts!

5. Wash makeup brushes regularly.
I plan to spot clean everyday and deep clean once a week. I am not so lazy before, I just don't know what happened and I became so tired about washing my brushes weekly. And this is a bad habit so I will be breaking this one for sure.

6. I will exercise regularly at least 3x a week.
Since I'm not the type of person who is physically active, I don't go to the gym...what I plan to do is to walk and run my dogs hopefully every day of the week. I have 9 adult dogs, 4 of them are large so it would really be a total work out if I run with them at least 30 minutes per dog..I am crossing my fingers that I can do this because it will not only make me healthier, it will make my dogs healthier too ^_^

7. I will not buy doubles...unless they broke me out...
I wanted to finish up my products first before buying another one on the same line. Like, I need to finish my current lip balm first before I purchase another lipbalm or I need to finish my cleanser first before getting another unless it broke me out or something and I won't be able to use it anymore. I just want to make sure I won't waste any money buying stuff then not using it.

8. Wear sunscreen everyday...body included, not just the face.
I really got lazy about this too. I used to be so obsessive about suncreen but I got distracted and then all of a sudden I just don't want to put any sunscreen at all. This is a must for everyone so I will try my best to get back on the right track.

9. Apply body lotion everyday.
I have very dry skin on my body and I know that I need to religiously apply lotion to give it some moisture but I really can't do I'm hoping that by putting this up, I would be encouraged to comply and make my skin smoother and moisturized.

10. Wear my MRC appliance every night.
I need to wear my mouth appliance as a retainer so that my teeth will remain aligned. I used to have braces and it is a must for me to wear my MRC trainers religiously or else I will have "sungki" again. So yeah, I hope I can accomplish this too coz I don't want to have another set of brace because of my lack of compliance hehe.

I really really hope I would be able to achieve my goals and accomplish my resolutions for the year 2012. I am praying that all of these would come true one at a time ^_^

What about you? What's your new year's resolution? I hope you can achieve them too! ^_^

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Chriselle Sy said...

Happy new year! All your goals sound great.. I don't really have any for myself except that I want to do my best in everything I do.

It'd be suuuper duper fun to do makeup. I just went to school for that myself. SO that's why I made a new site for myself. :)

Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation <-- baka maalala mo pa ako. Hehe.. bago na nga lang link ko.