Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: MBM Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hello everyone! It's been raining the whole day and it's so cool that we don't need any fan. I personally don't like rain but I do love love cold weather hehe so I am enjoying staying inside the house today ^_^

I am back with another review and this is dedicated to my readers requesting a detailed review of My Beautiful Me's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I started using this late last year and even though I know the owner of this brand and I am helping with her online support, I still don't want to give a false opinion on a product when someone asks me "Is this good?" I am known as a very honest reviewer (and even seller--I sometimes help my sister sell Ellana products hehe) and I tell these possible clients if I have personal experience with the products or not. SO yeah, here is my review for this one. I used it everyday since November so that I can give a very detailed review of the product.

This comes with a yellow box with printed flowers. Since this does not contain chemicals
like parabens, preservatives and such; the brand is promoting it for sensitive skin and natural.

It has SPF 15 in the content and comes in two shades: Mestiza and Morena. It is said in the description that it gives a matte finish and helps blur out the pores.

Ingredients: talc, titanium dioxide, vitamin E and sunblock

The compact case is very Clinique -like in my opinion. When I first saw this, I thought "Wow! It doesn't look cheap. It looks like my Clinique powder that I used when I was young." The compact has a mirror inside too so perfect for retouching during the day.

It comes with a powder puff inside.

Here's my opinion on the product.

I LOVE THIS because:

- The packaging is very nice. I love the fact that it doesn't look cheap and it has a good quality mirror inside.

- The shade Mestiza is perfect for me. I can use this alone or on top of a base.

- This is a light powder so it's perfect for setting liquid foundation.

- It gives a natural matte finish. I have oily skin so I tend to love matte powders.

- It doesn't contain parabens or other harsh chemicals and preservatives.

- It is made by a Filipina dermatologist for Filipino skin. I really love the fact that this is specifically made with things like our weather and skin type in mind.

- It did not broke me out. I did not experience any itchiness too.

- It doesn't cake on me even if I reapply during the day.

- Very affordable. This compact is only Php250.00!

- This is available locally and can easily be purchased at Sta. Lucia Mall 3rd floor or at their Facebook page...just click here.

I DON'T LIKE THIS because:

- I hate the powder puff that comes with it. It is kinda scratchy so I just threw it away and used a powder brush for applying.

- It crumbles a little on the surface if you use a sponge. Using a powder brush is the best way since I did not experience this kind of problem anymore after I switched ^_^

- It contains talc--I know that there are some people who don't like talc.

- It doesn't last that long especially on hot weather. I need to reapply around 3-4 hours.

OVER-ALL RATING: 4/5 - I love it but I just hope it has a buildable coverage especially on days that I want to use this alone BUT this is a pressed powder and not a foundation so I guess it is expected hehe. No harm in wishing right? hehe ^_^

WILL I REPURCHASE? Definitely! I love how it sets my BB cream and sunblock.

I definitely recommend this to people who are in need of an affordable but still with good quality setting powder and also to teenagers who still can't wear foundation. Perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin too since I did not experience any irritations with this ^_^

What about you guys? What is your setting powder? Please share them with me! I wanted to try ^_^

Thanks for dropping by! Till my next post ^_^


Pammy said...

Great review! I'll check this out, I saw they have soaps and Sta. Lucia isn't far from where I live. :)

Askmewhats said...

Wow, at one glance as in CLINIQUE na CLINIQUE ang packaging! I hate it when powders get crumbly pero keribels kung quality is good :) Thanks for the review!

Chriselle Sy said...

I've never heard about this brand before...but you're right it does look super Clinique!

Btw, I'm disabling google friend connect from my site because they'll stop the service for non-blogger sites soon... so if you could follow me via e-mail subscription, rss or even fb like, that's be great :) Thanks <3


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Crystal Gale said...

Hi Pammy! they are on the 3rd of Sta Lucia Mall...I think near flawless or something hehe...Maganda yung Pink Lemonade soap improved the condition of my pores ^_^

Nikki - yup, as long as it has good quality and affordable too! I think the reason it is crumbly is because it has less preservative than regular pressed powders.

Chriselle - Hi! It's a new Filipino brand...just 2 or 3 months old..^_^