Thursday, February 16, 2012

My yummy creations

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some pictures with you all.

I have mentioned before that I love cooking and baking. At first, everyone in my family doesn't want to try my dishes because they don't have faith in my skills...well, I also didn't have faith in my cooking skills too haha...So I ended up not trying to cook meals at all because of rejection and disappointment...But something happened last year and it changed my view on everything.

I started reading cookbooks, food magazines, food blogs and videos. I tried recreating the dishes that I love one by one. And guess what, after trying so many times, I got the result I wanted! Even though I am not a great cook yet, but I know I can be one day because I am still in the process of developing my skills and with all things, "Practice makes perfect.." ^_^

At present, my family don't ridicule my dishes anymore. They now have the confidence that my foods are edible and can really pass their taste buds (although not 100% since I have a weird taste for food). So I am happy to know that when the time comes that I have my own family, I can make great dishes for them already and be a hands-on mom to my kids ^_^

Now, moving back to the reason of my post...sorry for digressing, just giving you all a little background...I just wanted to share with you all some pictures of what I created these past few weeks. I have been under stress and since I consider baking a stress relieving process, I ended up with a lot of goodies for my sweet tooth.

The first picture is a Chewy Chocolate chip cookies. My boyfriend loves big chewy cookies so I created this for him this past Valentines Day. He really devoured everything haha. I can't believe I perfected this recipe so easily. I can't thank my aunt enough for the recipe and the tips she taught me so I achieve a great tasting cookie.

I also did a version with chopped Macadamia nuts. This one is for me. I love nuts on my pastries and so I created a batch for myself haha. I prefer cookie squares than round ones because they are thicker and easier to store.

Look how perfect those cookies are. I can't believe they are already gone. I still want to eat them!

And lastly, my forever favorite cupcake! I prefer making cupcakes than cakes because I want everyone to have a piece and it is easier to store too. The ones on the picture are Vanilla cupcakes with Creamcheese frostings. I am thanking my sister for having a picture of it coz I usually forgot to take a picture and just eat everything haha.

You might be wondering why I didn't do a decorative icing style and I'll tell you why. I am just starting with my baking and I haven't bought every tool that a baker should must have. I still don't have piping bags and tips for icings so I either use plastic bags... or in this case I just spread it on top using a spatula. Hopefully I can get my hands on those kinds of tools so I can show you guys some decorated cakes hehe ^_^

But for the meantime, enjoy the pictures! I hope I can give give some to all my friends here in the blogger world (yes, you!) to say thank you for staying with me and for all the warm and supporting words I receive year round. Love you guys!


mera said...

the cookies looks delish!! I'm craving!

Janine M. said...

Looks delicious! :D

Kath said...

yummy ng cookies!~ cookie lover ako sis :)

Crystal Gale said...

Mera, Janine and Kath - Thank you girls! I hope I can make cookies for you guys in person hehe you're sweet :)