Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Covergirl Outlast All-day Lipcolor

Good morning! Oh my, I'm having a hard time starting this post hehe.. I don't know what to say to introduce the product so I'll just go ahead and start with review.

My mom received this as a gift last Christmas and she didn't like it so she gave it to me. I tried it for a couple of times to see how it performs and here's my view on the product.


The package comes with 2 products inside the box. It consists of a lipstain (all-day colorcoat) and a lipbalm (moisturizing topcoat).

According to the box:

"It gives you beautiful color that lasts up to 16 hours - through breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

1. Apply color to clean lips.
2. Don't press lips together. Let it dry for 60 seconds.
3. Apply moisturizing topcoat for shine and comfort.
During the day, use it as a lip balm to refresh your look and feel.




- Very pigmented.

- Long lasting. It doesn't easily rub off on the lips and I usually don't need to reapply the lip color during the day.

Here's my experiment. I applied it on the back of my hand and let it dry.

After rubbing it under running water and scrubbing it with dishwashing liquid, it became like this...

You can see that it still leaves a stain on my skin even though I have rubbed it vigorously. And of course, we won't do that to our lips so this proves that as long as you let it dry it will last a long time.

- The topcoat is a good one. It gives shine and moisture without the sticky/waxy effect of some lipbalm or lipglosses. It is also colorless and sheer so it doesn't alter the shade of your lipstain.


- It dries up my lips so bad! As soon as I applied it and the product dried, my lips already become dehydrated. It feels tight and uncomfortable.

- YOu need to reapply the topcoat every 5-10 mins in order to ease the drying discomfort on your lips.

- It's very hard to remove so you need to use a good eyes & lips makeup remover for this.

- I'm not really in love with the gold shimmer on the lipstain. It looks tacky for me.

- Hard to blend in the lips. It tends to settle on lines and also rub off if it's not yet dry.

OVER-ALL RATING: 1/5 - I hate this product. The only good thing about this product is the staying power.

WOULD I REPURCHASE? Definitely not! I already have dry lips and I don't want to exacerbate the condition. I'm so happy that we did not spent a cent for this.


- Moisturize your lips very well and always bring a good lipbalm with you.

- Use a lip brush instead of the doe-foot applicator so that you can have an even lipcolor on your lips.

- This dries very fast so correct any mistakes you made very quickly before it dries.

- Have a good makeup remover with you because removing this product from your lips is a nightmare.

I will not recommend this to anyone who have dry lips like me..Definitely a bad idea as this sucks all the moisture from my lips the moment it dries.

I hope this review helps. Thank you for dropping by! Bye ^_^

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Janet said...

Aww, too bad the lippie doesn't work for you but at least its a pretty color..^_^~