Thursday, August 16, 2012

Siwon & Donghae in Manila for Bench

Hello everyone! If you're a fan of Super Junior, then you already know that Siwon and Donghae were here in Manila yesterday for the event of Bench at Trinoma Activity Center. Sadly, I was unable to enter the contest held by Bench wherein I will get the chance to see them up close (near the stage) and therefore I was also not eligible for the raffle draw during the event where in the winners will have a chance to have autographed shirts or posters and take a picture with them..Although, come to think of it, how many raffle tickets should I have in the first place in order to be picked so that I can be part of it? According to the mechanics, for every Php1000 you buy from Bench, you'll get one raffle ticket and Bench will choose 700 people from there. I'm pretty sure those who won have more than 1 ticket each because the fans club of Super Junior is BIG and everyone wants a chance to shake the hands of Siwon and Donghae ^_^

Me and my sister just decided to go early to look for a spot to stay and watch them from afar since the Activity Center of Trinoma is open. We settled for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the 3rd floor because it faces the stage directly and we can relax until the event starts. I would have preferred my spot beside the stage on the 2nd floor escalator (That's where I stayed before when Kim Hyun Joong arrived for The Face Shop and it has a great view coz it's unobstructed) but my sister doesn't want to squat there the whole day (hay naku) so I gave in.

We arrived around 10:30am or at most 11am at Trinoma (It's late but my sis moves so slow!) and there were already a lot of people and we already don't have a table near the side rails (boo!). But we still found a good spot to stay, thank goodness. We had Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fustini pasta (this one is so good!) and my fave decaffeinated White Chocolate Dream Latte for brunch.

Here's the makeup I wore yesterday...I don't know why fans bothered to look very very nice (yeah, it's not just us who took care in what we look hehe) when we won't be seen by SiHae, but still there's hope! I decided to go with a "No Makeup makeup look" because I know I will get sweaty and I want my makeup to fade well just in case you know LOL.. I also wore my hair in a neat hairstyle (I braided my bangs and put it in a one side ponytail) so that I won't look wasted after I jumped up and down. It's successful! ^_^

- Dreamworld Mineral foundation Mix (I have mixed a lot of shades hehe)
- Aromaleigh ultra-resolution finishing powder in Peaches and Cream 
- Pop beauty blush -- shimmery peachy-pink (can't remember the shade coz I transferred it on a different container when it got broken)

- Tony Moly berry lovely girl tip concealer #1
- Christian Dior eyeshadows - nude and peach
- Tony Moly backstage eyeliner in Black


- Watson lipbalm in Wild Cherry (this gives a pretty red tint)
- H&M lipgloss in Sweet Cherry


Trinoma was jam-packed with fans on all 4 levels and anywhere you can see the stage. Here's some shots showing how many people went just to catch a glimpse of Siwon and Donghae ^_^

This is where I was located... (above photo)

View from the top and bottom

I think more than 5,000 people were there because on the inside of the reserved area alone there were already around 800-900 people including the 700 winners, Bench's staffs, security personnel media men, VIPs and medics.  And add the number of people around the ground floor and the other 3 floors where we have at least 3 lines from the side railings.

It was really a sight to remember and can you just imagine how loud it was when each one of us shouted at the top of our lungs? My bf and my sis' bf got shocked and irritated at the same time hehe


They started the event with a raffle on who will get a chance to go up and shake hands with Siwon and Donghae.. I was really jealous coz they were able to hold their hands and have a picture taken and also get autographed stuffs :(

They entered in style and did their usual introduction as Super Junior ^_^

Then they had a Question and Answer portion with the MC. I am not sure if the translation is the same since there is no pause for the translator to give the MC the answer of SiHae before she says it in English...Nevertheless, I was still happy to see them in person and to hear their voices live ^_~

After the signing and picture taking, they said good bye to the fans. ..BUT the two of them came back with their own digital camera so that they can take a picture with everyone as the background! They also did fan service and sent us hearts and kisses before leaving the stage for good.  I really got teary eyed because of too much happiness ^_^

I hope they'll go and include Philippines in their lineup for the Super Show 5 ^_^

NOTE: Lee Min Ho is the next Bench model!!!


KimuYumi said...

Omg i do envy you sooooooo much!
I love those two!! *___* ♥♥
Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Btw, i like your Blog alot ;)

Many greeting from Germany!

Kim ♥

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you for reading my blog Kim! ^_^