Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pet Review: NutriPet Active Soft Jerky in Lamb and Cheese

Hello everyone! Here's another product review on dog treats :)

I went to True Value to check out their doggy stuffs early this month and I saw that they have pet food on sale. I frequent True Value coz their items are a lot cheaper than pet shops and they have a wide variety too. After checking out the ingredients of each dog treats, I have settled on NutriPet Active Healthy Natural Soft Jerky in Sandwich Lamb and Cheese :)

As you can see in the logo, this is made by NutriPet which is a Korean brand that uses natural ingredients on their dog foods. I have bought at least 3 kinds of doggy treats from this brand and I posted a review on the first item I got from them (You can read my review here). I like buying from them because 1) they are made from natural ingredients and 2) they are very affordable.

NET WT: 100g
PRICE: Php178
FLAVOR: Sandwich Lamb + Cheese  

Can you see the cheese sandwiched between the lamb meat?



- My furbabies (dogs and cats alike) love this! Even the picky eaters loved eating this because it is really made with lamb meat :)

- I believe this is their favorite one from all the treats I got them because of the taste and smell of it. They can never have enough.

- This is the right size to nibble especially for the small dogs.

- Made from natural ingredients so I'm not worried about giving too much just in case.

- The ingredients list is short and there are no chemicals on it PLUS it has English translation

- This treat is infused with vitamins and minerals and can substitute for dog food in case you run out

- This is a low fat, low sodium treat so you can give this more frequently. It also has some ingredient to help the liver and digestion.

- This line have a lot of flavors to choose from. I am excited to try the vegetable ones next.


- So far so good. I have no complaints with it :)


I think I made the right decision of getting this. I will definitely continue to buy from this brand :)

DO I RECOMMEND IT? Definitely! To all pet owners out there, you should try this treats. It is the real deal and I guarantee that your dog will eat it :)

Thank you for dropping by!

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