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Gale Reads: The Indigo Spell [Bloodlines 3] by Richelle Mead

Happy Monday everyone! It's EDSA Day today so I hope no one will get stuck in traffic due to the different events that's gonna happen the whole day :)

I just finished reading the 3rd installment of Richelle Mead's Bloodline Series: The Indigo Spell. I really really love Mead's YA books and I am looking forward to trying her romance books yet because they will probably have darker stories. Anyway, back to Bloodlines, I have been waiting for the release of this book since last year and I am happy to learn that book 4 will be out on November 2013! Yay! No more waiting for a year for the next one hehe :)

I am not that fond of the cover. No offense meant but I hope they just made the cover a lot more mysterious like the Shadow Falls Series or just use a logo like the Hunger Games instead of putting models coz in my imagination, Sydney and Adrian looks different than these models :(

I love the colors and tone though :)

NOTE: First off, I can't believe I haven't reviewed the first 2 books yet in this series. I'm sorry for the lapse, I will rectify that soon. I am planning on re-reading the 3 books continuously once I have time so I can give a more in-depth review. It's been a long time since I've read the first 2 books so I actually forgot the details so, yeah. Please wait for a followup :)


I am so glad I am not disappointed with this installment. Adrian is back as him with all his quirky wits and his all-out-for-love character. And it is very nice to know that he is trying his best to improve his status and personality. I also enjoyed the change in Sydney because she is becoming more and more intriguing and you get this urge to read more so you can see her progression from being a cold and perfectionist Alchemist to a more normal girl that thinks about feelings first before following the rules blindly. The twist and turns in the story is also well done and I enjoyed being surprised by these events when the time came that they were revealed.
I can't say much about this book since this is a series and the story flows from one book until the next one so I can only judge the way it was written and I am satisfied with it. Although there are some parts that Richelle Mead mixed up the character's name but I didn't mind since it only happened around twice? Oh and I sometimes can get lost in my own thought while reading coz there are some scenes that are dragging and repetitive in my opinion. I'm just glad the author were able to rectify it in the latter part of the book and everything went back to being a page turner.

 This installment opened so many possibilities for the future and I can't wait to read more. Mead made sure that you are left with a clean cliff hanger that closed the current issue but opened it for the next one. I'm guessing this series will be 6 books as well like with Vampire Academy so I still have 3 more (hopefully).

Have you read this series yet? How do you find it so far? Do share your thoughts below coz I would love to hear from you :)

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