Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PROJECT: Cruelty Free Local Brands (and even locally available brands)

Hello everyone! 

I am embarking in this new project of mine because I wanted to create a list of local brands that are cruelty free. I have been emailing a lot of the brands and so far only a few have replied to my inquiries which made me wonder if the reason they are not replying is because they are testing on animals...

Here are the questions that I asked:

1. Do you (or a third party on your behalf) test your products on animals?
2. Does any of your materials/ingredients ever been tested on animals?
3. Do you sell in countries that require animal testing (like China and Brazil)?
4. Is your company prepared to make a commitment against any new animal testing from this day forward?

I have decided to investigate on my own because Philippines don't have a local PETA and majority of local brands don't apply for Leaping Bunny stamp like in US and UK. I do hope you can all help me by also inquiring on companies/brands that you love and please share their answers to me if they are cruelty free or not.

Here are the brands that I have already inquired at:

Bare Naturals
Beauty Treats
Block and White
Bobbie Nail Care (Bibbue, Chic)
By Nature
Caress Nail Polishes
Caronia Nails
Dollface Cosmetics
Ellana Minerals
Ever Bilena
Fashion 21
FS Cosmetics
Giga Naturals
HBC Brands (San San, Allue, Body Recipe)
James Cooper
Krave Minerals
Likas Papaya
Ph Care
Pinkies Collection
Silk Secrets
Snoe Beauty
Sophie Paris Cosmetics
Tupperware Cosmetics
Venus and Mars
Virginia Olsen
VMV Hypoallergenics
Watsons brand
Wish Cosmetics
YSA Papaya

I have also inquired to international brands that I am interested in trying but are not in any cruelty free list. There are now a lot resellers and even stalls of these brands so it made sense to inquire about them too :)

BYS Cosmetics
Face of Australia
Artdeco Cosmetics
Amore Pacific (Etude House, Laneige) - I inquired if all brands under them are also CF
Tony Moly
Nature Republic
The Face Shop
Coastal Scents Cosmetics
Fairy Drops
Hada Labo
Look Beauty
Mememe Cosmetics
Collection (formerly Collection 2000)
Pop Beauty

I will give these companies until end of this week to reply before I post my list. If you wanted to add another brand, please feel free to leave it in the comment section so that I can inquire about them too :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

Awesome idea and thanks for doing this! I'm starting to go for cruelty free brands too and a list like this is going to help a lot.

Crystal Gale said...

I hope you can also help me with the list by adding local brands that you know are cruelty free :)

Strawberry Panda said...

Hi. Body Shop is cruelty-free, but its parent company- L'Oreal, has been said to still test its ingredients on animals.

Em Orata said...

I was a Maybelline user but when I saw that they are not cruelty-free I don't patronize their product anymore. I wonder if In2it is cruelty-free? I have read that their products are Japan-made.

Natsumi Kawaii said...

Flormar is cruelty free but it's not vegan. Essence is also cruelty free.

Natsumi Kawaii said...

Flormar is cruelty free but it's not vegan. Essence is also cruelty free.

Natsumi Kawaii said...

Flormar is cruelty free but it's not vegan. Essence is also cruelty free.