Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A new online shop for fashionistas on the budget!

Hello everyone! 

I recently found an online store called PINK CITY SHOPPE in Facebook that sells clothes at very affordable prices. I kept on checking all the items they are selling and I can't believe majority of them costs less than Php500! I inquired about the items I was interested in and I was so surprised that the owner was one of my college classmates hehe small world. Anyway, I felt comfortable buying from her because of that so I got myself a pretty dress and it fit very nicely :)

*I used the photo from the website because my camera is broken so I can't take an actual picture*


 - very affordable items

- The designs of the clothing items are really fashionable and some are even unique.

- hassle free transaction. The owner replies very fast to inquiries and it's easy to settle the payment.

- shipping is fast! Just 1-2 days after you pay for the items.

- Quality of the clothes is good. The dress I got is not scratchy on the skin.


- because everything looks good design-wise and they have cheap price tags, you will be tempted to get more than what you planned on purchasing LOL
- Not all of the items are on-hand so that can affect the turn around time for your order.

- There's a chance that you'll see someone with the same style of clothes on others because the designs are the "in" thing as of the moment.

Do check Pink City Shoppe and see for yourself how vast your options are. No need to spend a lot of money to look good! AND You won't need to worry about the customer service because I guarantee you will not be duped by the owner :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Hazel☺ said...

pretty dresses!

Pretty jain said...

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Kari said...

Gale! This is Kari :) does your sister still sell Ellana minerals? please email me at karinaysabelnario at yahoo.com

Marija said...

That dress is so cute! Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips :)