Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gale Eats: Bites of Love Salted Egg Potato Chips

Happy rainy Saturday everyone! :)

This morning I have received my order from Bites of Love. I saw an FB post from Donna of My Lucid Intervals about the salted egg potato chips and she was asking if it was really good. I was intrigued because all of the replies on that post said the chips are really good. So yeah, I ended up ordering from them hoping it would be worth my money. 

Price: Php 250

Size: It is not indicated how many grams this has but the container is the same size as the peanut brittle sold in Baguio. Here's also a comparison shot beside a regular sized mug. 



- This is really delicious! I haven't eaten something like this before. The taste is also very addicting. We can't seem to stop eating the chips haha ^_^

- The chips are made from real potatoes. If I am not mistaken, these potato chips are handmade too.

- I believe these chips are made by batch, probably weekly. Guaranteed always fresh.

- And I really appreciate how easy it is to talk to the owner of Bites of Love. I had a very smooth transaction.


- This is very pricey for potato chips. That's Php 250 for a small tub. Take note that this container is not full to the brim with chips. There's like around an inch of space from the brim, I'm not sure if this is because the chips got broken into smaller pieces during delivery or it's meant to be like that.

- I'm not sure how long you can keep this crispy. The container is not sealed so I think the crispiness of the chips can go away pretty quickly.

- The chips are greasy, probably because of the butter & salted egg that's coating it. So definitely not healthy hehe =P

- This is spicy. Not too much but you can definitely feel the kick. I am not fond of spicy foods so my tongue is quite sensitive to it. This has chopped siling labuyo (chilli).

Me & my family loved it! We got addicted to the taste & can't stop eating. We were able to finish the tub in one seating haha. Definitely a good experience to try. 

I recommend that you guys try it first if it will suit your taste buds. I guarantee that it taste awesome! :)

Probably not, the price is just a turn off for me. Php 250 is too much for chips IMO. Other imported potato chips like Lays & Ruffles only sells for under Php150 & that's a big bag already. Also, I'm on a diet (I'm trying to eat healthier) & I'm pretty sure this has high calories & salt content compared to other more commercialized chips. BUT I am not disappointed that I was able to eat it because it is just so good!

I will probably just try to recreate this because I have seen a lot of recipes online. I will update you guys if ever it is a success. Experiment project ko yan haha :)

Thank you for dropping by!

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