Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ellana Minerals Haul and Review

I went to Megamall Mega Trade hall 3 earlier with my mom and sis..While my mom is going around the hall to check all the booths, my sis and I went to Ellana Minerals' booth..I've met sis Coney (nice seeing you again sis and thanx for assisting us!) and she taught me and my sis on how to properly apply Ellana products (my sister is the model haha)...This is to prepare my sis in selling the products to their school (she's going to be a re-seller of Ellana..she's a marketing student in FEU and they are required to sell something to raise funds for their institute's organization)...I suggested this brand to my sister because her target customers are of course students and so they have limited budgets...and Ellana is a very affordable brand with good quality it's the perfect brand to sell in a school ground...Actually, the only item I have tried personally from their line are the blushes...and since I already have some previous experience with the blushes, I was more intrigued on cheking out the other products like e/s, lip stuffs and brushes when we stayed in their stall.

My Review:

- blushes: I love the shades of their blushes because they just give your cheeks healthy looking flush and not over the top has subtle sheen so they are perfect for those glows and illuminizers you have in your stash..they are pigmented so that's good..staying power on my oily skin is just so-so..but for the price and effect, I won't mind re-touching when necessary

- Lip products: their lip balms and lip colors are great! very moisturizing and long staying..even if you have wiped it off, there will still be some tint left on your lips...for the price, I will say this is heaven sent already coz they can sell this at a much more because of the love love it..i have no rants so far

-Eye shadows: the first thing that caught my eye instantly when we arrived at their booth are the beautiful pots of eyeshadows that has gorgeous colors inside...but sadly, when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it hardly showed up..they are not as pigmented as my usual MMU e/s pigments, but for the price, they are okay in staying power...they did stay put on my sister's eyes for almost 5-6 hours without any base and applied dry..and my sis perspired the whole time

- Brushes: this is love...they are so soft especially the buffer brush and baby buki..I will definitely get one for myself..they are as soft as the EDM long handled kabuki that I love so much..I love the size of the buffer brush coz it will be a lot faster to finish the whole face and since all the brushes are made from high quality synthetic bristles, it's a big plus in my vocabulary...this reminds me of Lumiere kabuki..the color of the hairs, the feel and the quality...i don't think it will shed too..I'll definitely post a review once I have got one for me and have used and washed it for at least 10x so wait for that :)

the baby buki is so cute..this one, I already have's the right size to fit in any kikay has the same synthetic bristles as the buffer brush so it's soft and compact...the idea of having a separate tin container for it instead of having a retractable type is ingenious..I actually hate retractable brushes coz 1) they shed a lot, 2) they stink coz the part near the ferrule doesn't dry totally even if you let it dry for a few days and 3) they dry so long! i like this baby buki more..I'll post another review if it will shed or not once I have washed and used it for at least 10x

see how small it is? it's the right size for retouching during the day..or you can use it for applying your blush since it will really fit your cheeks :)
here are some pics of my sister's haul from Ellana Minerals..this is half of the first batch of products she will be selling (the other half will be shipped this Tuesday)...I'm really so happy that my sister is re-selling already coz I won't need to pay for shipping anymore if I want to get something from Ellana..I'll just get it from her stocks haha :D

I'll be trying their foundation, finishing powder and concealers coz I like what my sister and her friend looked like after Coney did their makeover using all Ellana out for my review..Thanx for dropping by! Till next time :)

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