Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meow + Lauress FOTD

I'm falling in love with Meow Foundation in Flawless Feline formulation again..this is because with the help of Meow, i can lighten up the numerous post acne marks that i have (they are all over my cheeks arggrr!)..I don't feel shy anymore when I go out even if I know that they will notice those blemishes I have...because I know that my skin still looks great even though they are there..thanx to Meow FF hehe oh gosh, I'm so loving it..and I'm so glad that even though it's super hot and humid earlier, my face didn't itch! I think my skin has somehow "adapted" to MMU products after I changed my skin care..coz before, a little heat + a little sweat = super itchy face and neck..but now, even if I'm already drenched with sweat, I'm still yah, I'm very happy :)

here's my FOTD earlier when me and my mom went out to bond...after concealing my marks with Meow FF, I buffed in a layer of Lauress foundation in Minimalist formulation..and it was skin is so photogenic with MMU haha..pardon the hair...i haven't fixed it yet :)

*with flash*

*no flash*

*natural lighting*
what about you guys? what's your HG concealer for covering those dark blemishes? please do share them with me so that I could try it too..thanx! :)

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