Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreamworld + Dayna's FOTD

Me and my bf went to our school this morning to request for a re-copy of our TOR and Summary of RLE which we will be needing for applying jobs in the near future..but sadly, we're not able to request for it because the line in the cashier was too long..we didn't know it's exam week so tuition payment we decided to just come back :)

before going home, we ate lunch at A Venetto Pizzeria at Trinoma..we had Putanesca and hawaiian pizza w/ extra cheese..yummy yummy! this is our fave Italian resto coz the foods are great and affordable :)

here's my FOTD today..I used my Dreamworld foundation in Luna formula (this is a mix of Freyja and Nimue coz they both don't match me haha that's why I mixed them) ..I really love DW's foundation coz they give a very nice coverage and it has good staying power..but since I have the wrong shades, I can't use them frequently..I'm still in the process of deciding which shades will be perfect to mix with these two shades to make it my match..any suggestions? I would really appreciate it..I need something yellow coz this two really don't have any :D

-Dreamworld foundation in Luna formulation (freyja + nimue)
- Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 - one layer to add some yellow
- Milan Oil at Bay
- Ellana blush in Coral Pink
- Clinique bronzer on top

And here's a shot taken after 7 hours without any retouch or blotting paper right? I still look fresh even though my makeup is already fading :)

here's a picture of us when he brought me home earlier..we look weird haha :)

thanx for dropping by guys! :)


Askmewhats said...

hi sis! you look so pretty with natural look, alam mo you look familiar! maybe I saw you na somewhere :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanx sis! hehe maybe we saw each other on passing hehe coz you look familiar too! :)