Friday, August 29, 2008

Emu oil and Organics

I love love Emu has so many uses and very's very widely used medically for its ability to penetrate many layers of the skin..I have tried it in different formulations and here are my reviews :)

1. Pure Emu Oil - I like how it moisturizes and that it really absorbs in the skin..but I'm not fond of the greasy feel I get sometimes..but nevertheless, I didn't break out and it didn't gave me blackheads too...but since this is so expensive here in the Philippines, I asked my Ninong Marvin (he lives in Australia) to get me a tube since Emu birds do originate in their place. But he wasn't able to get me a pure one, instead he got me an Emu Oil in cream form..and I love it better! Thanx ninong!

2. Emu Oil Cream - I know that this is not pure and that this has some parabens whatsoever but when I tried it on my face and skin it feels's very moisturizing, easily absorbed (much faster than the pure one) and super light and no greasy feel and also makes a very good anti inflammatory and anti itch product for insect bites..really relieves the itchiness and redness fast..Since the original container is quite big, me and my mom and also my titas just transfer a small amount on small (5g) jars to carry with us in case we have some bites or itchiness or if we feel some dryness during the love love this one! I hope the next time my ninong comes back here, he will bring me another big one coz mine is almost half full smells great too!

3. Emu Oil Rub - this is also bought in Australia by my mom's friend..since she also like my Emu Oil Cream, she asked her friend (who went to Australia for a vacation) to buy her an Emu Oil cream then she'll pay for it here in the Philippines but instead of a lotion type emu oil, her friend brought back a specially formulated emu rub for pain..this has some menthol in it too for soothing and cooling effect...this is really a blessing for us coz this product really works for was proven by my parents who have last time, my dad had some moderate pain on his soulder and back and my mom put different topical pain relief ointments the whole day but nothing works..but when we got home and before they sleep, my mom massaged a little amount of this emu oil rub on my dad's painful areas..and the morning after, my dad commented that his pain was relieved last night that's why he slept this is very effective..the only con is that it's quite pricey coz this small container cost around $15 (australian)...but you only need to use a small amount every use so this will last a long time for sure.
VENUS and MARS Organic Emu Oil Products

The first time I saw their website I already knew that I will be buying their products because of my love for Emu Oil but they have something that made me decide to try it ASAP..all their products are organic..Lately, I'm trying to divert and change all my skincare and haircare to organic products or even natural if organic is not possible..I've read reviews on organic stuffs on girltalk and I was convinced to give it a try coz it might be the solution to my uber sensitive skin that always breakout with commercialized products..I already am using Mineral Makeup for more than 2 years so why not do the same healthier option for my skin and hair right? so it's really a "no-brainer" as I told myself hehe..when I told my mom I want to get some skincare stuff she shouldered it..Thanx mom! She really is supportive on my skin care (she even bought me Jason's Moisturizing too... it's a very nice product coz I stopped having breakouts on my forehead after a week of using it) what I got from Venus & Mars is the Get It Started Kit so that I would be able to try all 3 soap variants and the lotion for a very affordable price of P370..and I tell you, I was expecting a small size of everything but when I got the package I told myself that this would last me for 1-2 months for the soap and maybe 2 weeks for the lotion if I use them everyday...the packaging is simple too and this made me think that they really put a lot of budget for the quality of the product instead of the packaging :)

Here's what I got yesterday...Jamie (owner of Venus and Mars) is so sweet and thoughtful..she gave me a sample of the minty geranium mud soap (I told her I want to give my bf a sample of this soap coz it might be good for his shaving..he has very sensitive skin too) and a note on the receipt...aww, this is the first time ever that I got a sweet simple note from a thanx Jamie! I really appreciate it so much :)
Coffee Fame - this is the emu soap specifically made to help people who have pimple problem or those who want to detoxify their skin..I tried it once last night and it smells good(though it doesn't smell like coffee even with the coffee beans on the soap hehe) didn't made my skin dry and I did not have the tight felling that I got everytime I wash my face with my Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar...No itchiness or breakout so far but I'm still reserving my judgment..I'll definitely post a review again after 2 weeks or 1 month..but my initial reaction was "This is good" :D
Minty Geranium Mud - this is compatible for us who shave..according to the description, it will make your shaving area smooth and fair (it has papain) plus it also has antibacterial properties that will lessen the irritation if we nick our selves during the shaving...this can also be used as a regular bath soap...and I will definitely use this everyday coz I love the smell and this can replace my whitening soap too..Isn't it a great product? shaving cream, whitening, antibacterial, moisturizing and smoothening all in one? will definitely get a regular sized bar when I finished my sample up :)

Poppy Plush - this is made for those people who have very very sensitive skin...I gave this to my sister who has skin asthma so I don't have any review for this..will ask my sister for a review after she used it for at least a week to check for any reactions to the product :)

Emu Lotion (melon scent) - I don't have an individual's the small white bottle with the receipt...gosh, this product is heaven haha...relaxing scent and very first when I tried it I thought it's sticky coz it's very thick in consistency but after a few seconds and it was already absorbed by my skin, I was convinced to get a full size too haha..the scent lasted for a couple of hours too so it's a plus..this emu lotion has 2 variations..I got the melon one for the added whitening effect coz I want to make my skin a little brighter (I'm naturally fair).

Lip Detox - this is my wish list...according to their website, this lipbalm doesn't contain any petroleum based ingredients and this will relieve dry and chapped lips..that's my problem eversince..since I get easily dehydrated, my lips are always dry..and whenever I put lippies (lipstick, lipgloss and even lipbalm) on my lips, my lips will peel and will look like i have a dried saliva on my lips eek!...I hope this can product can help me :)

so there! you can check out their website for more information on their products at or you can click the link on my "link list" on the right side of your screen..I'm not selling their product..I'm just a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER of Venus and Mars..good quality product and outstanding customer service :)


venus&mars said...

wow! thank you gale for this heart-warming post about my products. :) i hope you get to try more of my products soon! :) feel free to drop by my multiply site anytime. :) good day to you!

Askmewhats said...

I have read so much about EMU oil, and thanks for answering all my "doubts" "queries" :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ I'm glad I helped sis..emu oil is really a wonder product..I have read somewhere that Ostrich oil is also as effective :)