Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a Rant and an Update

hi guys!

Sorry I was not able to update my blog lately...I'm just too pre-occupied by my NCLEX review but I'll be posting some reviews when I'm not too busy...maybe this weekend or next week :)

Oh yeah, I had a haircut last Sunday with my favorite stylist..I have some girl-bonding time with my mom, sis and tita Jen..we asked for our trusty hair stylist Mr. Sunny (he works in Razzle Dazzle Salon before..he already transferred to a new salon in Timog now) to do a home service for us...all four of us are now sporting a shorter 'do...but I'm not fond of my new haircut..it's not as beautiful as the last one I had with him...it's just so-so (he always gives us perfectly crafted hairstyles before so I don't know why I have this cut) and I'm not feeling it yet..I love having short hair but I'm not happy with the way my bob looks...It's not ugly or bad but it's not that beautiful either...I have this hobby of just letting my stylist decide on what style to do with my hair...and since I trust him, I just told him that I want to have some bangs and that the length should be along my neck/jawline...I really have a high expectation on my new cut and maybe that's the problem..too much expectation is bad...hmm...maybe that's one of the reason why I am not posting any pictures yet coz I'm still on the process of getting used to my new haircut...I really hope my hair will grew faster this time so that it would not look "chopped off" on my birthday in November :(

so there, aside from that unsatisfying event I had, everything is okay :)

UPDATE: I am now using Venus and Mars Emu soap in Poppy Plush in the morning then Coffee Fame at night..This is because Jamie suggested to me that since I have sensitive skin too, I should just alternate the two..and it's working so far..but when I finished up the sample bars..I think I'll be getting Poppy Plush instead of Coffee Fame since I like the scent and lightness it has on my skin..very creamy and milky :)

My new skin care regimen:

- Cleanse with Venus & Mars Emu soap in Poppy Plush
- spot treat pimples with Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil
- spot treat blemishes with Garnier Spot Corrector Pen (for lightening the marks)
- Protect with Aveeno Baby Continuous Sun Protection Sunblock SPF 55
- Moisturize undereye area with Elianto Pearl eye cream

- remove eye makeup with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- remove face makeup with Wet Ones
- Cleanse with Venus & Mars Emu soap in Coffee Fame
- Spot treat pimples with Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil
- Spot treat blemishes with Garnier Spot Corrector Pen (for lightening marks)


miemiemie said...

nagrereview rin ako for nclex,when yung test mo? good luck sis!:)

Crystal Gale said...

I'm just waiting for my ATT..siguro October or november exam ko :)

Good luck din sis!

Vanessa said...

Hi Sis! Thank you for the sweet comment! Congrats on being with your sweetie for 5 years! I am glad you enjoyed the post, it's so nice that we can all learn from each other!