Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sun Up to Sunrise makeup

I really can't think of a more fitting title than this one..coz this post is all about my incredible experience with my FOTD/EOTD last September 13. .My makeup lasted me for more than 22 hours!! I only did a couple of retouching in between with blotting paper and loose powder.. It's amazing right?! So good..and I loved every minute of it coz I got compliments during the night from my aunts and that's after 12 hours from my application time already :)

By the way, I have enough courage now to post my picture with my new do..I'm still not liking it but I'm used to it already coz I can't do anything about it anyway...I'm hoping my hair will grow fast this time so that I can have a new hairstyle by Christmas.. I'll definitely sport a longer do from now on..but what do you guys think? does it look okay on me?

Here's my FOTD taken around 8am (Sept. 13)..still looking fresh...I've used my Dreamworld foundation mix (nimue + freyja + amenti in Luna formulation) for concealing my blemishes and as a first layer too..this really works in concealing coz it can really fool many that I have clear skin haha..very photogenic too!..my aunts even thought I have no more breakouts! good coverage...I then applied a layer or two of either Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 or Lauress Minimalist in Pure Yellow to add some yellow tone on my face since my DW mix is kind of pale..I've also used Milan Oil at Bay as primer to control my oilies :)

- Milan Oil at Bay as primer
- Dreamworld foundation mix (applied dry with concealer brush)
- Dayna's G2 or Lauress Pure Yellow
- Milan Perfect Presentation
- Meow Blush in Cat Got Your Tongue?
- Meow Firefly blush in Glisten

- Petroleum Jelly
- The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint
- Lancome 214 Lipstick

Here's my EOTD...I road tested my Aromaleigh Indelible Eyeliner Sealant that I got from sis Nikki of Not Just Minerals (thanx sis!)..I love this product coz it really delivers..Imagine, my eyemakeup lasted from 7am upto 4:30am without even smudging or fading?! And I have pretty oily lids even with a base..I'm so raving about this product..this is the best mixing medium that I have tried!
  • Yellow cream concealer topped with
  • Meow Undereye concealer in Frisky Chartreux
  • MAC Painterly Paintpot all over lid
  • MAC Unorthodox E/s
  • Pure Luxe e/s in Darling
  • Bonnie MPM shimmer
  • Christian Dior dark brown e/s
  • Artdeco #20 e/s
  • Clinique Waterproof mascara
By the way, I applied my loose mineral pigments foiled using sponge tip applicators..I've learned this technique from Vanessa of Nessassary makeup (thanx Nessa!)..she posted in her blog that she prefer using sponge tip applicators for loose pigments coz it's easy and mess free compared to applying it with a brush..and so I decided to try it since my EDM e/s brush doesn't work very well..and I agree, it did worked pretty well..I easily get good color payoffs from the shadows :)

This is my FOTN taken around 6pm...I just retouched with Milan Oil at Bay around 5pm and some oil blotting sheets during the day..I also added some Artdeco #20 e/s on the crease and outer V to smokify my peepers for the night...I then retouched again at around 11pm before we go out again to the bar..and this makeup is still looking good around 4:30am (Sept. 14) when I got home :)
I really love Mineral Makeup because you look better as the hours go by..and it looks natural so you can really enhance your features instead of hiding your face..and it doesn't feel heavy..I applied around 4 layers of foundation for this look but it did not cake nor feel like a mask the whole time..what more can I ask for? I'm raving haha :D

What about you guys? Do you have any tested MMU products that has very good staying power? I would like to hear them ..till next time! God bless :)

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