Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A new way of storing sample pots

Hi guys!

Do you love buying sample baggies from different MMU companies and then transferring those to small pots? Does your makeup traincase/kit/area looks clattered because of the many pots lying around? Do you have a hard time looking for the pot of that shade of eyeshadow or blush you want to use for the day because you just have so many pots in one container? Well, I want to share with you guys my new discovery on storing sample pots..I was inspired by Coney of Ellana Minerals a couple of weeks ago when we met at Megamall..she showed me how she carries her products around...and I was impressed..she uses an ordinary hard folder case for storing her sample pots! very affordable and sturdy and it's perfect for organizing and simplifying our life! :D

I have bought one for my many pots of MMU and e/s (my sister got one for herself too.. she sells Ellana Minerals in her school) ..it's so easy to look for the products now compared to when I just put them on my traincase with everything else..I got this case for only P73! :)

very organized right? hehe..do try it..it's very easy to stock this up on a table if you have many smaples that can fill up a couple of these :)