Monday, October 13, 2008

Ellana MPM and Lip color

I love mineral eyeshadows! I prefer them over traditional shadows because: (1) I can buy them in 1/8 tsp, (2) cheaper, (3) very pigmented, (4) multi-purpose and (5) no expiration date :)

My fave brands of mineral shadows are: taylormade minerals, bare escentuals (glimmers), monave, lumiere, valerie beauty, pure luxe and dreamworld..i want to try aromaleigh too coz of the great, why am I telling you all these? well, I have a very high criteria for mineral shadows and I'm hard to please..I want shadows that easily shows colors even when applied dry and this must last in my lids even without a base...these two criteria was met by the mentioned brands above so I was kind of skeptical to buy Ellana MPM...they have great color selection but when I tried one shade before during a bazaar, I am not that impressed..

My sister roadtested the shadows...they did a makeover and they applied Ellana eyeshadows dry without base..and when my sister went home after 5 hours, the eyemakeup was still intact! so then, I thought maybe I should give Ellana a chance coz they do claim that they have very pigmented multi-purpose minerals..and I have read a great review from Kikay Pinay that they do I purchased a charcoal black pigment from my sister...I quickly opened the sifter and swatched it...and we are both amazed!

The color on my finger is really charcoal black/gray...and i only applied a very small amount..the next test is using an eyeliner brush (I made a line on the back of my hand)..I did this test with both dry and wet brush..Ellana Ethereal MPM passed the test with flying colors! No w I have a big problem, I want to purchase more colors since they are cheap, only P120 for a 0.7g pot! but maybe, I'll just get the darker shades coz I'm still doubting if the light shades will also pop hehe :)

Here's a swatch of Ellana MPM in Ethereal...look how pigmented it is..that's the shade after I swiped my finger on the back of my hand..there are still some shadows left on my finger.
I also got myself a lip color from my sister..I can't believe I let my sister business talk me haha! Oh well, I didn't regret buying it anyway but it is very hard to have a seller of Mineral Makeup (with good quality products and are very affordable) living with you under the same roof and room...very bad especially if you are in a no-buy mode like pockets are going to bleed if this continues hehe :)

Okay here's my view on Ellana Lip Color in be honest, at first I was skeptical and scared to buy it coz the color is so dark on the pot...but my sister (who is ever a seller) told me that it would just give me a reddish tint and it will look so pretty on your lips..she knows I'm a sucker for lip tints coz my lips get easily dried and then I applied it on my lips (after purchasing "sigurista" of my sis is that? hehe)..what can I sister is right, again!My lips looks better than when I put The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek tint for color under a lipbalm..I love how pigmented it is..perfect "my lips but better" or "just bitten lips" looks...all you need is a gloss or lipbalm on top and you're good...this lasts longer than my lipsticks did not made my lips dry and flake..hmm, good thing I have enough will power to stop buying or else I'll be a poor ate for life hehe :D

Any more Ellana products I should try? I'm loving this brand right now that I am willing to listen on what products are a must buy hehe ..till next time! let's see what my sister will be selling to me again in the coming days :)


Shelly said...

Since you said that you have flaky lips, I recommend Ellana's lip treatment and lip scrub. They left my lips feeling really smooth the whole day! Check out my review here:

Crystal Gale said...

thanx Shelly! i'll check your review..I really need something for my flaky dry lips hehe :)