Monday, October 13, 2008

Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle lotion

My mom received a gift from a client the other day, and of course knowing that I love cosmetics, she shows the package to me immediately hehe..when I opened the package, I saw an eyeshadow palette by Estee Lauder, a facial wash by Estee Lauder and a body lotion by Laura Mercier..I'm guessing that my mom's friend is a fan of Estee Lauder coz last Christmas, she gave my mom an Estee Lauder makeup palette and facial wash too..I'm not actually interested with EL's makeup coz I don't like the pigmentation..whatever method and tools I use, I can't make the colors show so I gave up..what really caught my eyes is the Chocolate scented body lotion from Laura Mercier..

This sample of Laura Mercier body lotion in Chocolate Truffle smells sooo good! it really smells like chocolate...luckily, my mom is not a fan of sweet scented stuffs so she gave this to me hehe..I quickly applied a small amount on my hands (I am happy that it is not sticky) and the scent gave me so much pleasure (I'm a choco-holic since I was a baby haha so no wonder I love chocolate scented stuffs)..then I went on in washing the dishes coz I only applied it just to see if the scent is the same on the tube and when applied..after washing a gazillion dishes (I'm only exagerrating hehe), I washed my hands and dried it with a towel..I instinctively sniffed my hands coz I want to make sure my hands are clean..and to my surprise, I can smell a trace of the chocolate on the back of my! so I was happy that the scent lasts...I even went to sleep with the lotion on my arms coz I want to know how long the scent lasts..and after the 8 hours of sleep, I woke up still smelling like I am wondering how much this lotion costs..coz I want to get one before I finish up this tube..any ideas? :) 

Oh by the way, I want you all to meet my Troll...he is 12 years old (I think)...I remember buying it when I was still in elementary...coz I love trolls when I was a kid..I am fascinated with them..they looks cute...I miss buying you know where I can buy them? trolls that looks like mine..please send me a message if you knew where :)

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