Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Birthday Wishlist

I got this idea from the Swiper, Phoebe, when she posted her Christmas list for Santa. But then, my birthday is nearer and so I decided to make a birthday wishlist instead haha..I hope one of my godparents can see this post so that I can receive these as gifts instead of me buying them hehe :)

1. Givenchy Phenomen Mascara

I have seen great reviews of this product on and it really delivers..this can really make your lashes longer and fuller like you have falsies on..but I don't think this is available locally I guess unless one of my godparents will send me one from other country, I won't be able to get my hands on this :(

2. Pure Luxe Bubblegum Ballz Eyeshadows Collection

I like the rainbow's not that expensive too and both Vanessa (nessasarymakeup) and Julie (of said that the quality is great..and I myself has tested their eyeshadows, I'm really lemming for samples of this..I want to make a rainbow look! :)

3. Classic White Blouse
It is said that everyone must have a classic white collared shirt...and I don't have I want to get one since this would probably stay in my closet for a long time :)

5. Classic Metal Headband
I love wearing headbands since I have medium length hair and I hate getting baby hairs on my face...but I have a problem finding a piece that I could wear during parties..then one of the GT sis posted this picture..and I love it1 I want to find one just like you have any idea where I might get a piece of headband that has this design?

6. Booties
I still don't have a pair of booties and I really want to have one..but just like with the headband, I want to get something that looks like this..simple and looks sexy too! I wonder if there's a shoe store here that carry the same classic design as this..hmm..anyone? :)

7. I want to have what Eun Hye have! haha :)
Joking aside, what I want is the eyeglasses, the long soft curls of her hair and her clear skin...oh how I envy her skin..but since I am already doing something about that, I'm just praying that my skin will look so much better when my birthday comes :)
I love her eyeglasses too..though I am not sure if that would fit my face shape..hehe..what do you think guys? will that looks good on me too?
Lastly, I'm now regretting having my hair cut short again hehe...I should have kept it long then have it styled in a soft curly fashion..I haven't tried sporting a curly do' soI'm curious on how I will look like haha :D
That's it! I hope you enjoyed my birthday wishlist..though I am still doubting if I will get them all, at least I still have Christmas and New Year and even Chinese New Year to get them one by one ..till next time! :)

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