Sunday, October 19, 2008

My New Glasses and a DreamWorld FOTD

hi guys! here are some FOTD of me today when I went to church with my family..This was very simple since my face is still on the healing phase and I don't have the urge to really fix myself because I can still see my scars and I get down..but anyways, here they are..I used my Dreamworld foundation mix (nimue, freyja, amenti) in Luna formulation..see how flawless I look on picture? hehe who can believe me when I say I have a great number of post acne marks on both cheeks if all my pictures shows I have clear skin ..I really love MMU! :)

- Lauress Kick Start Primer
- Dreamworld foundation mix in Luna formulation
- Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 (on top to add some yellow)
- Milan Oil at Bay (as finishing powder)
- Lumiere blush in Apricot
- MAC studiofinish concealer in NC15
- Meow undereye concealer in Frisky Chartreux
- MAC e/s in Relaxing (as highlight)
- MUFE star powder in 902 (all over lid)
- brownish e/s (in crease)
- Ellana e/s in Ethereal applied wet (as eyeliner)
- Clarins pencil liner in Lavander shade (top and bottom lashlines)
- The body shop lip and cheek tint
- Lancome lipstick in # 214 (nude shade)

By the way, here's a picture of me wearing my new eyeglasses...I look like a nerd or a strict teacher..well I was (actually still am) really a nerd since elementary but I hope this could pass as a "stylish nerd" if it is possible haha :P
Here's a shot taken after 5 hours..still looking fresh..I really love Dreamworld..looks very photogenic..pardon the goofy pout..I'm trying to make a goofy pose and I ended up with this hehe :)
I want you all to meet my mom..she's wearing Ellana foundation in Hazelnut (Premium formulation) and Ethereal e/s as eyeliner too! :)

Till next time! Ciao!


jamie said...


Askmewhats said...

sis, you looked so pretty does your mom! the glasses looks great on you!

Laarnaay said...

The pair looks hot on you. :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanx sisses! I'm glad you told me that my glasses looked great on me hehe..I'm still kinda getting used to wearing framed glasses..but now I'll be wearing them with added confidence..thanx thanx :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Ate! Haha OMG your mom is gorgeous like you! You have such nice skin!

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi vanessa! thank you for the compliment :)