Sunday, October 5, 2008

MAC vs Artdeco

My friend Brenda asked me to do some swatches of my Artdeco eyeshadows because she's been reading good reviews on them..I told her that I only have 1 Artdeco eyeshadow since most of my shadows are mineral pigments..she told me it is okay, she just wants to see the pigmentation of the I said okay :)

Here's a comparison swatch, both with and without base (I used my MAC painterly paintpot), between MAC and Artdeco eyeshadows..Relaxing is the only MAC shadow I have with other MAC e/s is Unorthodox which is a light yellow shade so I can't use it for swatching hehe.
See how pigmented both brands are? the shade and intensity of the swatches on my hand versus the shade in pot is almost identical..they last long too even with or without base underneath..I could really conclude, for me anyway, that both MAC and Artdeco eyeshadows are good buys.

MAC pressed eyeshadow in "Relaxing"
- Although I don't have other shades of MAC e/s to compare the quality with, here's my review for this particular shade of MAC e/s.
Packaging: 5/5 -- i like the sturdiness of the case and that you could see the shade immediately on the cover..very handy too.
Price: 3/5 -- a little pricey especially for a student like is almost P900 here in the Philippines per this is a turn off for me even if the quality is superb
Availability: 4/5 -- we can only get it from few Rustan's Essences and Marrionaud shops.
Quality of the product: 4/5 -- this shade is hard to show on my lids but I like the staying power once I've made it show

Artdeco pressed eyeshadow #20
- this is also my only Artdeco eyeshadow so like in my MAC review, there is no point of comparison.
Packaging: 4/5 -- it's hard to memorize the shades since they come in numbers instead of names like in MAC but over all I love the size and only occupies a small space and you can easily see the shade and shade name on can also easily customize the palette with any shadow you has a built-in magnet at the back so easy to attach in the palette..and lastly, the small size is perfect since you will surely use up the shadow before it expires.
Price: 5/5 -- for less than P300, you could get one shadow already that's very pigmented..very budget friendly for students.
Availability: 4/5 -- you can only get these from chosen SM department stores.
Quality: 5/5 -- it is very pigmented and you only need to dip your eyeshadow brush once to make the color show on your lasts a lot longer than my MAC too.
OVER-ALL Verdict: I love MAC but it is much practical for me to purchase ARTDECO eyeshadows instead..I get the same quality for a fraction of the for those looking for a chaper alternative for MAC shadows, I suggest you try Artdeco and you won't regret it :)


yda said...

wow sis!!! I'm really thinking about going to get artdeco palette now!!!

thanks for the review and swatches sis!!!

Crystal Gale said...

^ no problem sis! i'm glad helpful sayo hehe..nice ng pigmentation noh? :)

Askmewhats said...

artdeco e/s are great! I have swatched them, but I find them too small hehehehe

Crystal Gale said...

^ sis nikki, at first i also thought they are too small but after some time i realized that it's just acceptable coz they are really pigmented and will probably last you until the expiry date even with everyday use hehe :)