Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Review: haircare and skin care products

I have tried so many products in the long as it has a very good review, I will try are some of the products that I have used lately..some worked and some doesn' if you guys have any suggestion for an alternative for those that didn't worked for me, please free to send me a comment..thank you! :)

Jason Moisturizing Shampoo P300+ (I got this on sale for P150 at Gateway Supermarket)

Pros: I love the idea that this shampoo is natural and organic and doesn't have parabens and SLS..It has a very mild scent and did not cause me to loose too much hair during shower and it is very moisturizing coz I don't need conditioner whenever I use it..this didn't made me breakout too (majority of commercial brand shampoos and conditioner causes me to breakout and prone to hairfall)!
Cons: I don't feel cleansed at all! Since this has no SLS, it doesn't lather up so I need to wash my hair 2x everytime just so I can "clean" all my hair and scalp itch a lot too because I had dandruff while using this..
Will I buy it again? Probably not..I love how it did not cause me any breakouts and hairfall but it doesn't really clean my scalp and hair..and that is a problem since I have oily hair so it attracts dirt during the day..

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 55 P500+

Pros: It doesn't sting my face, it is sanitary to use coz of the tube packaging instead of a pot which can easily get contaminated, absorbs easily and did not cause me to breakout..This also has a very high SPF content so I am loving it because of that hehe..I also can mix this with my lotion for my arms and legs since this is not sticky even when hot..the price is very reasonable too coz this contains a lot of products.
Cons: I can only get this at S&R Stores that needs membership in order to purchase anything (luckily I have one near my place..sadly, I am not a member hehe) is a little greasy if you are oily skin (I am oily but I can tolerate it) has parabens and I am trying to stay away from products that have those kinds of chemicals.

Will I buy it again? Maybe. If I can't find any other sunblock lotion that is better than Aveeno Baby, I will definitely get one again when I finished up my current tube.

Elianto Pearl Eye cream P400+ (i forgot the exact price)

Pros: moisturizes my undereyes very well plus it is very light and easily absorbed by the skin. This doesn't sting too so I can use it regularly. you also would only need a small amount to cover both eyes and a tube can last you for more than 6 months 2x a day daily use.
Cons: did not helped in my dark circles which it claimed to do.
Will I buy it again? maybe. if just for the sake of moisturizing my undereyes prior to applying concealer..but NO if I plan to use it for my dark circles.

Kojic natural Whitening Deodorant P150 (Natasha Brochure)

Pros: keeps me fresh even when it is hot, doesn't sting and only has a mild scent.
Cons: did not help in totally lightening my underarm (that got discolored with shaving and using of harsh antiperspirant while I was in high school). since this is only a deodarant, it did not help in my sweating.
Will I buy it again? Nope. I need to find something with anti perspirant property that can help in the lightening my UA.

What about you? have you found any effective products that I can use for alternative for these items? especially for the shampoo..thanx! :)

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