Friday, October 10, 2008

My Skin Progress Diary

Going to a dermatologist 2 weeks ago was the wisest decision I've done..majority of you know that I have been experiencing some breakouts since 2-3 months ago but last month is the worst..I had cystic acne all over my face and I already have so many dark acne scars because of the re-current cystic ones..this has never happened before coz the most number of cystic acne I had at the same time was 1-2 only (the cystic ones started popping out after my visit to my 1st derma when I was 18 or 19 y/o)...I was so depressed because I look so bad..then my bf told me to go to his mom's dermatologist...he knows I am really sad about my skin's condition because of my family and friends' reactions whenever they see he said that his mom's derma is very nice and doesn't ask for very high fees for consultation and treatments (compared to the 3 or 4 dermatologists I've been to before)..and since I have no work yet and have no money, I said okay I'll go once I have P1,000 with when I saved up enough money, I scheduled myself for my first visit with Dr. Michelle B. Manuel.

Beauty Hub is the name of Dr. Manuel's clinic..she's open Monday to Sunday from is better to set an appointment thru text or call because she has many clients and to be sure she is in the clinic and free that time you are going...her clinic is in Visayas Avenue just beside Yellowcab..aside for derma consultation and treatments, they also offers manicure and pedicure, threading and waxing, foot spa, etc..actually they offer a lot of treatments/procedures for a much affordable price compared to Let's Face It.

So my first ever visit to Dra. Manuel was a unique experience for me..I was the only client that time (I had set an appointment before going) so she has all the time to listen to my story..I told her about what I am currently using on my face and also what I have used before..I told her that I have been to 4 dermatologists before her and nothing had worked for me.. I informed her of the medications they gave me and the treatments they have done to me..after all the talking (the question and answer portion hehe) she checked my face..she told me that she doesn't want to touch my face that moment because if she did, we will be increasing the chance of me having crater-like scars that will be hard and expensive to she gave me 2 products to use..both made by herself..gly soap (blue transparent soap) and acne lotion (consists of salicylic acid and 2 calming products..sorry i forgot the exact ones hehe)..she doesn't want me to use many chemicals since I have sensitive skin...then I need to come back after a week to check the progress and if she can do cleaning already..with this session, I only spent P350! no PF just the right?! first time ever that I just spent less than P500 bucks for a first visit (I usually spend P2000 for the initial visit because of the many medications I need to purchase plus the consultation fee of P500)

after a week (Thursday) of 2x a day treatment, I noticed I have micro peeling and that my pimples are drying up or maturing when I came back to her, she already did a facial (cleaning, pricking, laser)..she didn't gave me any additional products to use since I am still testing if my sunblock is still okay to use (she said my sunblock is a little greasy so I might need to change it if I will not have any improvement)..I only paid P400 for the whole procedure!
but after 3 days since the facial, my face went wayward haha..I grew 12 cystic acne!!! 12!! I got so freaked out that I texted Dra. Manuel ASAP (Sunday)..she told me to go to her clinic as soon as possible for her to check me out..but since I have a class for 3 days I only have time to go on Thursday..which is exactly one week since my last visit..on Tuesday night, 2 of my acne pops and by the time I went to the clinic (this is yesterday afternoon), my forehead is already clear except for 2 small pimples and my cheeks are already improving hehe..but she still did another facial and injections (this is my 1st time to receive injections on the stings a little but very much tolerable)...this visit cost me P500 only..when I came home, my face is not red and flared up at all! Dra. Manuel also told me that I already need to take oral medication to help my skin since most of my cystic acne are underneath the skin and doesn't heal easily.. She gave me Tetralysal 300mg to be taken 2x a day for the first week then once a day next week.

When I woke up this morning, I washed my face and put my acne lotion..and when I checked my face in the mirror, I can't believe my eyes...I can see clear forehead and left right cheek has only 2 remaining bumps but they are also on the way of being flat...even if I palpate my face, those two are the only bumps I have felt..I am so glad that after only 2 weeks of treatment, my skin has already improved a lot..I only have scars left which will be treated after my pimples have stopped popping out..and I can't wait to have clear skin..since I haven't had one since I was 12 years old (I'm now 23).

My prayers are answered..I have found the one dermatologist that i am "hiyang" with..she is friendly and nice and she listens to your concerns and takes her time in treating won't feel rushed or even nervous about your skin and wallet..she explains what procedure she wants to do and ask you if it is okay...and knowing she doesn't charge sky can relax anytime you say OKAY..thank you Dr. Michelle Manuel for being patient and extra careful with me.

To my friends who pushed me to go to a Dermatologist, THANK YOU very much! You all know who you are hehe mwah


Anonymous said...

Can I have their office number? and also their exact address?

I hope she will be the answer to my acne problem!


Crystal Gale said...

^ hi! I don't have their office number but here's her clinic info :)

Dra. Michelle Manuel
Visayas Avenue, QC
*near Mcdo, infront of A Venetto Restaurant..beside Yellowcab*

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just saw the response.
Thank you soooo much!
I will definitely visit them soon!

Anonymous said...
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Crystal Gale said...

^ good luck sis! I hope you will be as lucky as I am..coz now, my only problem are scars :)