Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aromaleigh URFP & Dayna's Glow

Hi guys! Pardon me for not posting for a few days..I've been quite stressed because of my taking NCLEX this week..I'll get in the swing of blogging again after I receive the result of my exam hehe..anyways, here's an FOTD taken yesterday.

I used Aromaleigh URFP in Transluscent and Dayna's Glow in Violet Vesper..both are getting quite a number of raves from different blogs and forums so I did my best to get some samples so that I can try them myself..Here's my take on these 2 babies :)

Aromaleigh URFP is L-O-V-E..It not only gave me a beautiful finish, it also helped in controlling my oilies..I only need to use 2-3 oil blotting sheets in a day..and that is an achievement already for my oily face..although I am not fond of the Transluscent variant of the URFP (it makes my foundie dark..check my last FOTD pic) I will still get a full size of this when I get a budget..I'll get the 'clear' version next time and maybe a sample of 'peaches and cream'...This is definitely in my mmu-to-buy list for Christmas..the only con I can see with this product is that it is quite expensive compared to other finishing powder haha :)

I also am getting used to Dayna's Violet Vesper Glow..At first, I didn't like it coz I can't see any difference from other glows that I have tried before..but lately, I realized that it does make a difference to your overall gives you a subtle glow on your cheeks without the glittery effect (I hate glows that will make me a glitter bomb)..I'm loving the sheen it gives me..looks more natural than using shimmery I want to get the other shades of her Glows :)

*with flash*

*with flash but facing a window*

* natural lighting *

- Lauress Kickstart Primer in Medium
- Milan Oil at Bay primer
- Meow foundation Mix in Flawless Feline (dry)
- Aromaleigh URFP in Transluscent
- Ellana blush/bronzer in Patience
- Dayna's Glow in Violet Vesper

- Mary Kay Signature concealer in Ivory topped with
- Signature Minerals concealer in Sleen in a jar
- MAC Paintpot in Painterly (as base)
- MAC e/s in Unorthodox (highlight)
- Clinique beige e/s from Beach Plum palette (all over lid)
- Artdeco e/s in #20 (crease)
- Ellana e/s in Ethereal as eyeliner (foiled)
- The Face Shop white eyeliner (inner corner and waterline)

Here's what I'm telling you guys about..I look toasted/tanned with AL's URFP in Transluscent..there are times that my sister asks me whether I got sunburned whenever I am wearing it I'm really aiming for the Clear version so as not to alter the shade of my foundation :)

Thanx again for dropping by! If you know any other MMU brand that has a URFP quality, please let me know so that I can check it too! Ciao!


musicalfanlovesminerals said...

hi gale! i agree about URFP and dayna's glows! they're both really good. sa ganda ng reviews i had to give in talaga. i have URFP in all variants pero yung translucent pa lang yung natry ko. i didn't notice that i looked darker when i was using it but one friend commented that i became darker daw. now that i think of it, the translucent might be the culprit. i'll observe it again and try my other variants of URFP. i'm definitely getting FS before the year ends :P

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi! wow! you have all variants? cool! I'm still contemplating if I will get Aromaleigh URFPs because Ellana already has their version of HD powder..I tried it earlier, ang my skin got smoother..I'll try it for a week then I'll post a review (comparison against AL URFP) here :)