Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Birthday Bash

*Warning: Pic Heavy*

Sorry if it took me so long before posting again..been busy with so many things for these last weeks..promise, I'll try to post more frequently from now on..coz I have accumulated many reviews and hauls that I haven't posted yet :)

Anyways, I celebrated my 23rd birthday last November 15..Here's some FOTD/EOTD and pictures taken throughout the day..I didn't actually had a birthday party but I did celebrate my birthday with my family and Angkong (grandpa in Chinese) and the whole Land Cruiser Club of the Philippines (LCCP)..LCCP had a 10th anniversary celebration last night, 6-12pm, and so I just joined them since they will also be my visitors anyway haha..I had a very big free celebration because of that :)

Here's a pic that my mom took while I was still fixing myself in her room..

Here's a giddy pose!

in Natural Lighting
Sorry, I can't remember all the stuffs I've used that day..but they are definitely blush is Meow in Cat got your tongue topped with Dayna's glow in violet vesper :)

Here's me and my Angkong in Trinoma Mall..i love this christmas tree coz it's blue! :)

My family at Max's Restaurant :)

My mom surprised me with a birthday cake..I got really teary eyed when my mom came in with a cake in her hands and singing "happy birthday"'s a shot of me blowing my birthday cake
here's a shot with my yummy birthday cake :D


- aika - - said...

belated happy birthday dear :D

Crystal Gale said...

^ thank you po! :)