Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review: Skin Hour's Revitaleyes eyebalm

Most of you guys know how I was into organic and natural skin care lately because I came into conclusion that since I was already into healthy makeup (mineral makeup) for 3 years, why not go all out "healthy" for my skin care too..well, it is hard to go all out organic since the choices available in the market are either not 100% organic or they are too expensive for my budget..luckily, more and more locally available organic products are coming out at a much affordable price but still with superb quality products..I already found some organic items that I love (really HG material) that has replaced my traditional products already: Venus & Mars lip balm, emu lotion and soaps, Leyende shampoo and conditioner, and now Skin Hour eyebalm.

Skin Hour ( is another local company that sells organic first, I wanted to try their cleansing oil coz the Beautinomics have given it a great review and also some multiply friends of mine..but then, I can't seem to get myself to try it coz I'm really not sure about oils for my face (I break out easily) I really was skeptical..actually, come to think of it, I still am hehe..anyways, lately, they have released a new product call is an organic eye balm that promises to help in dryness, dark circles and puffiness..and since the price is so affordable (only a P100!) and I am really in need of a new eyecream, I got one for myself :)

Here's what it says on their site about the product:

Revitaleyes Eye Balm

An unscented eye balm applied under the eye during the night to diminish puffiness, firm skin and reduce lines. It also lightens dark circles and moisturizes the most sensitive area of the eye.

Ingredients: Organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil, coconut stearate, collagen, vitamin k, calendula extract, vitamin e, grapefruit extract and orris root extract

My take:

Price: 5/5 -- the price is so perfect for my budget

Packaging: 4/5 -- it is in a pot and I need to dip my finger to get some product so it is a little un-hygienic just like in a lip balm on a pot..the good thing about it is that the pot really is filled with the product so you get your money's cheating like other containers.

Product: 4/5 -- i love it! it really keeps my undereye area well moisturized the whole not only lessened the occurence of lines on my undereyes when I have concealer on but it also kept it looking fresh and free of dry patches..this made my concealer stay put too!
Will I buy it again? 100% YES! this is the best eye balm I have tried to date.

For all thise ladies and gents who love to use chemical-free products on your skin..this is definitely a must try..and for the price, how can you not even try it? hehe I LOVE this product so much that I don't think I will look for another eyebalm any time soon :)


musicalfanlovesminerals said...

sis, will this reduce fine lines as well? as in not just as a quick fix, pero long term results? balitaan mo kami e. i'm also curious about this e.

Crystal Gale said...

^ i think it will but like any other product, i guess it will take a few months to see some results..sige I'll update you after 1 month if I noticed something..coz afer a week, i just noticed that i don't get dry patches on my undereyes anymore :)

- aika - - said...

woah kailangan ko to

madami na ako finelines hehehe