Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gale Reads: Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

I have read so many great reviews on the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer from friends, forums and blogs..I got really curious on why there is a craze..then I saw the trailer of the I told myself, "okay, I'll give it a try..I love vampires and I love to read love stories..and I want to know the story before I see the movie.." after making that decision, I borrowed all 4 books from my bf's sister..I read all 4 within 4.5 days! and they are not small books to begin with hehe :)


my verdict: 5/5 --
I love the story and how the saga is written by really is my kind of style..not boring and the story is really a page turner..I can't seem to get enough of the characters! I'm so glad that each book is thick coz it gave enough room for the phasing of the story..It feels like watching a series on TV :)

I love "Breaking Dawn" out of the 4 books...It has so many action and also sweet moments..many twists too..I just hope this is not the last book in this saga..I still want to see a continuation of Renesmee and Jacob's story, and also how Edward and Bella's eternal love blossoms with time and what will be the next attack of the Volturis...

Now I know what the commotion is all about..I'm a Twilight fan now..and I don't think I'll get tired in reading the books all over again just like my favorite books by Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey..This series is really a MUST-READ!


I'm not really a fan of this movie..I know that I shouldn't have expected more from a movie based on a book coz majority of the time, they ruin it..I didn't say that the movie sucks..its just that, it is just a so-so movie for me..not great.. just okay..

First off, the character of Edward and Bella on the movie don't have any chemistry at all..I didn't feel the "kilig" factor I was expecting...I can't point out why but they don't just give me the look that they are "deeply in-love" with each other..

I got a little confused with the sequence of the scenes too..but it's okay I long as they didn't murdered the whole movie hehe..actually, I like the scene on the tree..

lastly, the casting is really off..majority of them don't really look like what I have imagined them..but I guess it's really hard to find actors and actresses that will fit all descriptions and act good at the same time.. 

I also don't like the acting of the actors who portrayed Edward, Bella and Jasper..Especially Bella..Sorry to all K. Stewart fans but her acting is not good..she delivered her lines monotonously and doesn't show any emotions in the whole film! I really hoped she will improve in the acting area on New Moon the movie..I really am hoping for it.

Over all Rating: I give this movie 3/5..I hope the next movie "new moon" will be better :)


Askmewhats said...

Lucky you, all the books are sold out! I only have the Breaking Dawn and I can't read it yet lol I have to start from the start!!! :) Thanks for the review. You got me wanting to raid National!!!!

Crystal Gale said...

^ I've seen complete 4 books for sale in Trinoma in front of the cinema..I'm not sure though if they are still there :)

you should read them all!! the books really are way way better than the movie :)