Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Job Hunt

*not beauty related*

I'm so sad today..actually, hopeless is more like and my bf have been busy this past few days looking for a hospital to apply for work..but we couldn't find any! either they are not hiring at the moment or they only accept applicants for "training" purposes but not for absorption at the end..we will just pay them and work as a staff nurse (for salary) for a couple of months..we won't even be given an allowance or something..then we don't have a job again at the end of the training period..

actually, we only found 1 hospital that is currently hiring.. out of the dozen we inquired at.. the sad part is, we have so many (as in hundreds) competition that it really looks impossible for us to get picked out of all the applicants..actually, I have sent my resume already to that hospital 2 months ago but until now i have not heard from them yet.. :'(

I'm really losing hope that I could still work in a hospital here in the Philippines to finish my required 2yrs of hospital experience before I can go out of the country...actually, that is another problem..I did not pass my NCLEX for US..and I've heard that Canada is not hiring too..I'm still thinking about Singapore and New Zealand..but I have no clue yet on how to apply there and what are the requirements..

sorry for ranting..I just need to express my frustration right now..I've been staying home for a year already and I'm already embarrassed to my parents coz I can't even help them a little..they are not asking me for help..and they don't even pressure me to find work..but I can't stand being a bum for so's so hard..I'm used to being busy all the time and responsible for my own expenses..but having no source of income for my own extra needs is depressing too..

Please advice me..I need to hear some thoughts about my situation from another point of view..thank you so much..hope to hear from you guys..ciao!


shasta said...

Hi Gale,

Don't lose hope. I think that the best thing for you to do while waiting to take your exam once again is to get experience. I suggest you undergo training at hospitals, even if it's not going to be paid. As you've said, there are so many of you, and in the long run, this will give you an advantage over the rest. You may not earn right now, but I'm sure you can tide yourself over for a few months.

You failed not because you were a poor nursing student. Remember that these are just tests. I recently took a board exam, and some of the people whom I know to be excellent therapists failed, not because they lacked skill but because it's basically a written test, something that can never really measure one's proficiency.

Chin up, I'm sure that this door closed because a window to a better place has opened for you.

Askmewhats said...

HI Gale!

What Shasta commented above is totally true...though it doesn't have a pay for you to work on hospitals, the experience do count!!! At least work for hospitals that are quite "known" to be a learning grown, go for it :) It will be hard at first coz there's no MONETARY Value coming in your way, but in the long run, you'll see the hard work will pay off.

don't be really takes time..but if you pursue it, good things will come your way.

And don't worry about the tests, you can always have retakes but the "DREAM" Will always be there with you


Crystal Gale said...

Shasta & Nikki:
thanx for those words sisses..I hope I can find a good hospital that offers training anytime soon..I really hope lady luck will come my way soon hehe..I'm planning to take the exam again on March or April so that I could have many options in the future..thanx agin for uplifting me :)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

Hi gale, don't lose hope. you can retake the test anyway. tama sina shasta and gale.

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanx crystal! I'm doing my best now..hopefully I'll get IN in one of the hospitals that's going to open fpr hiring on January hehe :)

September said...

hi sis,

WhizDy here from GT. =)

Dont feel down and always remember that there are reasons why these things happen in your life. And I agree with sis Shasta, that when a door closes, several windows open. Cheer up, sweet kikay nurse. ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi sis whizdy! :)

thanx for dropping by..i really appreciate it :)